Our Learning Management System (LMS) services

Not sure what’s the best solution for you? Have a look at what each of our LMS solutions can offer.

  Keep it simple  Ready to go  Custom-made

If you’re looking for a simple and effective learning management system (LMS), we can help.

Get in touch if you:

  • want an LMS set up super fast 
  • need an LMS solution for a small numbers of users
  • don't need custom-built features or branding
  • want to know what you can get on a tight budget.

Our express option gives you access to all Totara Learn features in a straightforward way.

You’ll get:

  • an LMS set up to your requirements
  • quick implementation
  • a hassle-free SaaS service
  • regular free updates and features
  • LMS matched to your brand
  • data import from existing systems
  • a single sign-on option
  • consultation, training and support.

If you’re looking for a fully bespoke LMS, we’ve got the knowledge and creativity to help.

We can deliver:

  • customisations to match your challenges
  • advanced features and add-ons
  • a fully themed, branded Totara Learn
  • integration with your existing systems
  • consultation, support and training throughout your LMS implementation and development. 

Share your challenges with us

Let us know more about your challenges and we’ll help you work out how to meet them. Our team is on hand to discuss the best learning management system for you.


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