SaaS LMS Solution

Every LMS we deliver is tailored specifically for your business. But if you need things a little simpler - no custom-built features, up and running quickly, hosted by us - our express SaaS offer can help.

All Totara Learn features

We can offer you a Totara Learn with the full set of standard features, all set up for your needs. As long as what you’re looking for doesn’t require any custom-built features, our SaaS service is ideal for you.

A few extras from Kineo

We’ve added some enhancements to the LMS to create an even better user experience. That means our version of Totara Learn adds value that you won’t get elsewhere.

And if you are looking to replace an existing learning management system, we can easily migrate your data over to our Totara SaaS. We even offer a single-sign-on option.


Hosted by us

If you’re not keen on the hassle of hosting your LMS, we can take it off your hands. Because it’s a SaaS (software as a service) solution, Kineo will host your LMS on our secure, highly-availablilty cloud-based infrastructure.

That also means no upgrade costs for you – you’ll automatically benefit from free annual upgrades to the latest version of Totara Learn.


Rapid LMS implementation

The beauty of our SaaS offer is that your LMS can be implemented faster. You’ll still get an expert set-up and support from us throughout the process. We’ll just be able to get you up and running a little quicker.

We’ll also train your team so you’re ready to manage your LMS once it’s live – that includes managing users, creating content and taking care of the admin.


Matched to your brand

We can edit the look and feel of your LMS to match your business brand – whether that’s applying your logo and images or selecting the right colours. We can also make sure page layouts are just how you want them to be.


Choosing your solution

Not sure which LMS solution is right for you? Have a look at how each of our services can meet your needs.


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