Totara Social

Totara Social is the brilliant, open-source enterprise social network platform from Totara Learn. It’s designed to help manage and connect your people to the knowledge and resources within your organisation.

Integrating social learning into your organisation

The word is well and truly out about the 70:20:10 learning model, and in particular about the 20 – the fact that 20% of all learning takes place socially.

By creating an environment that lets your employees network and share ideas, you can make social learning an integral part of your learning process. A platform for social learning can help you unlock business value and is a cost-effective and efficient method for upskilling staff.

The right tool is essential to lay the foundations for a collaborative learning culture and Totara Social is designed to meet that need.


Benefits of Totara Social

Totara Social works alongside your existing LMS to help you liberate information, resources and learning experiences from organisational silos by allowing sharing, networking and collaboration.

It provides an intuitive platform for employees to connect with others, contribute and share their ideas and status updates. Learners can also manage their own profile, personal files and content. Some of the key features include the ability to:

  • Create and join collaborative groups, based on interests, department or project team
  • Write blogs, upload videos and other files
  • Subscribe to activity streams and see what connections have been up to
  • Send private messages or open posts
  • Create pages to share work or projects
  • Join discussions, provide feedback and rate posts.

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