Why choose us as your Totara partner?

As a founding partner of Totara Learning our experience is unrivalled. We’ve been there from the very beginning, so you can trust us to create, develop and support your Totara Learn. We’ll bring our creativity and flexibility and work with you to find the best solution for your business challenges.

We co-developed Totara Learn

The open-source platform LMS we now know as Totara Learn was co-developed by Kineo UK, Kineo Pacific and Catalyst IT. We collaborated to create a game-changer in the market - based on the popular Moodle LMS, with a comprehensive and growing set of features for business.

As founding partners our experience is unrivalled. We bring a very deep understanding of Totara's capabilities and future roadmap. Our large global team of Totara developers is experienced, creative and dedicated to partnering with you to get the best from your LMS.


We innovate

We continue to innovate and add new features and functionality to our Totara implementations. We sometimes co-develop these with clients to accelerate a specific feature, or we forge ahead with new developments. This means you get the benefit of an evolving LMS that keeps getting stronger.

And our new cloud-based Totara solution means we can help with your LMS needs, no matter what the scale or the size of your team.


We’re flexible

We know that implementing an LMS, whether it’s a tactical project or a global enterprise implementation, needs flexibility. No matter what your LMS challenge is, we’ll make it work for you.

  • As co-developers and key influencers on the product roadmap, we understand Totara’s capabilities and can configure it to get the best result for you

  • Sometimes you may need a specific function to meet your requirements. Our extensive customisation experience can make it happen, from custom reports to unique functionality for you

  • We have extensive systems integration experience, including HR and payroll, ecommerce, CMS and CRM systems.


We partner with you

Nobody knows your L&D challenges as well as you do. From the beginning we’ll become an extension of your team, helping you map out your business, admin, learner and technical requirements for your LMS. We’ll collaborate to develop the best Totara Learn solution for you.


We provide the full service

LMS implementation is the very start of the story. Once it’s in place, we can help you build a strategy to get the best from it – whether that’s rolling out an engagement campaign, developing content or evaluating impact.

We can provide you with consultancy, training for your team and help to get the most out of new features and upgrades.

Our first-rate Client Services team sets us apart from the crowd. We employ the best in the business to provide you with a seamless end-to-end experience, from implementation right through to ongoing hosting and support.

Not only that, we also make sure your LMS is working at a more fundamental level. Through regular reviews we will fine-tune and recommend how to get even more out of it for your learners, managers and administrators.


We’ll make it unique to your brand

You’ll want your LMS to reflect your company brand and culture. Our visual design team has extensive experience in making sure your LMS is brand-led.

We can create a highly customised LMS experience that fully reflects your brand, tone and culture – just as we do in our learning design work. Or if you prefer a lighter-touch solution we can simply match the look and feel of your LMS to your brand guidelines.


We put learners at the heart

We co-developed Totara Learning with the learners’ experience front of mind. The interface is more web than LMS and that’s deliberate. We designed it to support the wide range of learning activities and resources for blend design including elearning, face-to-face programmes, webinars, social learning, videos, pdfs, resources, quizzes and much more.

And we bring our blended and elearning design experience to the LMS. We can design blended resources to create a seamless experience between learning and system. For many of our clients, we develop blended programmes and the LMS in tandem. This means a consistent team, development approach, look and feel – and most importantly, a joined-up learner journey.


We get tactical and subject-specific

Sometimes you’re not looking for an enterprise LMS – we know that. You might have a specific audience you want to focus on, like leaders and managers, or a need that extends outside the organisation – like providing access to resellers or onboarding new recruits.

We specialise in focused, subject-specific Totara portals including:

  • sales and product knowledge portals, reaching your reseller channels
  • new hire orientation and onboarding portals
  • leadership and management academies
  • professional membership platforms
  • apprenticeship programmes aligned to a specific qualification.

We combine our Totara expertise, our learning design and content experience, and our partnership to ensure your targeted portal delivers on its promise.


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