Why do I need an LMS?

A learning management system can help you to effectively deliver, maintain and track your organisation’s learning. By catering to your business needs, we help you develop and sustain an LMS that has real impact. Our preferred learning platform, Totara Learn, is much more than this though - it is a whole online learning environment with tools to support rich learning experiences for individuals and teams.

Drive results with an LMS

Centralising learning into a learning management system (LMS) can help streamline and manage your whole L&D offering. It’s a great way to engage with learners, easily manage content and generate reports to get visibility on how well your learning is meeting goals.

With a reputation for designing and implementing great enterprise LMS solutions that deliver ROI, we can help you get started.


What are the benefits?

  • Make learning accessible
    Make learning accessible to learners no matter the device or location. Totara Learn is a fully responsive LMS, so your users will get the same experience whether they’re using a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

  • Help boost engagement
    and keep them engaged using learner journeys, social learning and infusing interactive and immersive features in your LMS.

  • Track and report on learner performance
    Avoid manual reporting with advanced reports and tracking features so you get the oversight needed to evaluate your learners’ development, make sound business decisions and prove ROI.

  • Cut costs and improve efficiency
    Learning management systems are a proven method for saving money and improving efficiency by cutting the time and costs involved with travel, admin, and materials. Choose an open source LMS with no licence fees and a feature-rich solution like Totara Learn, and you get the added bonus of lower implementation costs and reducing year-on-year spend.

  • Keep your elearning in a central location
    With a cloud-based learning management system, you can keep everything streamlined, manageable, secure and easy to access. Integrate with your HR system or other solutions to ensure your data is always up-to-date.

  • Get on board with big data
    Empower your L&D with reports and data to support learning take up and effectiveness. By integrating with HR and CRM systems you can support business reporting, talent development, and supplier and customer engagement.

  • Enable a social learning culture
    Take your elearning to the next level by enabling social learning functionality in your LMS. An online LMS makes it easy to include links to social channels or forums, but you can take it a step further utilising Totara Social to enable content curation, peer collaboration and engagement


How we can meet your LMS needs

With a reputation for creating engaging experiences for learners and learning platforms with cutting-edge UX and proven ROI, Kineo is an award-winning elearning company developing solutions that drive results.


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