Onboarding and Induction

Help your new team members to belong and be productive from the beginning.

It’s as true in learning as anywhere else: first impressions matter. If you’re onboarding new members of your team, you need to ensure first that learning and support experiences set the right tone. You want them to feel they’ve made a great decision to join you – and the learning experience plays a huge part in that.

Taking induction further, many organisations are seeing the value of bringing new apprentices into the workplace. There are enormous benefits to the organisation and the individual. As part of the City & Guilds group we have supported organisations including Tesco, McDonald’s and Toni & Guy to create apprenticeship programmes.

Induction needs to be consistent, cost-effective, and, ideally, start before people join your business. Our approach and services will help you get there.

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Our approach

We’ve designed and developed onboarding learning programmes for organisations including Barclays, Marks & Spencer, BP, Guoman Thistle, and many others. We think it's about four things:

  • Belonging: Help your new hires see what a great decision they’ve made to join you. Strong advertorial messages and high quality video content can play a key role in this. This can include starting with a pre-induction programme, providing access via an induction portal ahead of day 1, to motivating messages to start immersing your new joiners in the organisation.

  • Believing: Help new joiners understand and believe in what you stand for, and start to internalise and act in line with your values and beliefs. We put an emphasis on sharing the organisation’s stories – where you’ve come from, what you believe in, what it means to be part of the team.

  • Behaving: Values underpin what it means to be part of a new organisation. You want people to start making decisions and acting in line with your values. How? Through scenarios and challenges, which put your values and procedures into action, with feedback from experts.

  • Beginning: This is where new joiners move into their role and into being productive. We continue to support new joiners, often through a dedicated portal, which links to the next set of challenges and learning experiences.

How we can help you

To help you attract, engage and develop your new joiners and apprenticeships, we can support you in a range of ways:

  • Managed Learning Service, our new service combining design, consultancy, portal, blended programme, content and qualifications - all combined into a single, joined up managed service

Case studies

Our onboarding and induction clients include Barclays, M&S, Heineken, Tesco, BELL, Toni & Guy and McDonald's.

Here are some examples of our work:

Heineken - Sustainability

Heineken case study

On brand, action-based elearning to meet a global sustainability challenge as part of induction.

Read the case study.

City & Guilds Way

City & Guilds Way case study

Engaging new joiners through an induction portal, creating short, welcoming and informative resources, and supporting them through the journey.

Read the case study.

Latest resources

See some examples of our induction elearning in the video below:

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