Det tycker det är viktigt att komma ut på fältet. Vi är ständigt på turné för att skapa ny kontakter, träffa gamla kunder, påverka, utbyta erfarenheter och skaffa oss intryck. 

Årligen ställer vi ut på flera av de mest välbesökta mässorna och eventen världen över. Vi ger också webinar regelbundet.

Nedan finner du information om var du kan träffa oss den närmsta tiden. Du kan också läsa våra rapporter i vår eventblogg.

Om du vill boka ett möte med oss på någaon av mässorna eller eventen, eller om du tycker att vi borde komma till ett särskilt event - välkommen att kontakta oss info@kineo.se.

Next Event

Break out of the 10% [WEBINAR]


27th Feb 2017

Tap into social learning and support your learners 100% of the way It's one of the biggest buzzwords, but social learning is nothing new - it's intrinsic to human nature.

How L&D taps into it, though, that's what's new about social learning.  One of the keys to making it successful is resisting the temptation to treat social learning like a traditional intervention that can be owned …

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Other Upcoming Events

How to impress with your LMS [WEBINAR]


28th Feb 2017

Uncover the key to creating an effective UX that gets results Date:  28 February 2017 Time:  12:30 PM (GMT) Duration:  1 hour To produce real results with business impact, you need an LMS that pulls learners in and keeps them engaged.     An LMS is so much more than a place to store learning.

If done right,  it's a gateway to sharing knowledge and changing  behaviours …

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Adding value through content curation [WEBINAR]


1st Mar 2017

Enhance your learning offer with content your learners will love Date:  1 March 2017 Time:  3:00 PM (GMT) Duration:  1 hour We are in an era of information where i t can often be difficult  for L&D to keep up with the latest knowledge and resources.  Kineo  and Anders Pink are teaming up to explore how  companies are  tackling this challenge by tapping into the  vast amount …

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Get interactive with video [WEBINAR]


2nd Mar 2017

Discover how to make interactive video work for you Date:  2 March 2017 Time:  3:00 PM (GMT) Duration:  1 hour Advances in technology have  brought interactive video into the limelight, but is it right for your learning needs?  We're sharing our best ideas on how and in what situations  you can branch into interactive video to capture your audience and drive active engagement.

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3rd Mar 2017

Discover the new approach to learning design that meets the needs of today's learners Date:  3 March 2017 Time:  12:30 PM (GMT) Duration:  1 hour Find out how you can   delivering genuinely contemporary online content for today’s workplace.

Kineo’s  Head of Learning Design shares our  take on best practice approaches to learning design based on some of the most recent innovations …

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