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Oavsett om det gäller allmänna frågor om hur vi jobbar eller mer specifika frågor om vissa tjänsterbjudanden och om du vill ha ett snabbt svar, är chansen god att du hittar svaret nedan.

Om du inte hittar svaret du söker  - kontakta oss och vi skall göra vårt bästa för att besvara din fråga.

Allmänna frågor

We're biased of course but we think size, stability, expertise and global reach are key to your decision. 

We are one of the largest learning companies globally that offers learning technology solutions through to assessment, accreditation and qualifications.

We are wholly owned by the City & Guilds Group, a charity (not for profit) organisation that was first established back in 1878. Our values are customer service, innovation, quality and giving back to our communities. We pioneered open source solutions such as Totara LMS and the Adapt authoring tool. Our values are very important to us and all profits go back to the parent Charitable Group rather than any shareholders.

We are financially stable and support over 2 million learners every year. We are the chosen partners for many of the world’s leading businesses form McDonald’s to Barclays. We believe we're different - here's how

Yes, we offer full blended solutions as well as a wide range of services such as elearning content development, consultancy, qualifications and accreditation and learning management platforms.

We develop and deliver blended learning programmes in areas such as apprenticeships, sales, customer service, management and compliance. Each programme is designed to meet client needs and may include elearning, webinars, qualifications and accreditation. We offer a fully managed service. Find out more about our full set of services here.

We work with clients across all sectors and geographies. We have experience in sectors including Financial Services, Energy, Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Telecoms, Public and Government. 

Our clients include FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, and leading public sector and membership bodies from around the world. 

See some examples of our work here.

Yes.  We have offices in the UK, Europe, across the US, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. We have teams on the ground in all of these locations who can work locally with you. 

We can also work in multiple languages and frequently translate our learning into 20+ languages for our clients. To find your local office, contact us.

Yes, we believe the best solutions are often those developed in partnership. We work with leading consultancies, learning companies, hosting companies and software companies to develop solutions. We are happy to work as prime or sub-contractors on projects. 

Yes, our quality processes are ISO 9001 accredited and we our environmental processes are ISO 14001 accredited. We have also been accredited by the Learning and Performance Institute. Find out more about our quality awards here.

Yes, we are a City & Guilds Centre and can provide you with programmes leading to City & Guilds and Institute of Leadership Management Qualifications.

We can design new qualifications for you, we can also map your existing training to qualifications and also accredit your learning programmes. Find out more about our qualifications services here.

Frågor om e-learning

Of course! We love to share it. 

You can read about our case studies and see demo videos here.

We can also provide you with a personal showcase site so you can explore real examples of our work. 

Just contact us and let us know what you are interested in.

We have our own defined processes for different project types. However, we also work with client processes and help develop new processes that work for our clients and reflect their circumstances.

Our typical process is based around three stages namely design, development and delivery. We have robust processes with review and sign off points. We also work with clients on identifying key stakeholders and getting everyone signed up to the proposed approach. In the design phase we will work with your branding and technical teams to ensure what develop is on brand and works in your environment.  

How long does it take?

The timeframe depends upon the nature of the project. We can develop projects rapidly if need in less than 3 weeks. Custom projects take longer, 8-12 weeks is fairly typical but it depends on the project and your requirements. The key is we develop an agreed schedule with you and stick to it. 

We use a variety of technologies and will discuss with you what best meets your requirements. We often use development tools that our clients use such as Articulate Storyline, Lectora or captivate. We also use Adapt, the open source tool that we pioneered, which produces responsive elearning that works on multiple devices.

Whatever you've got! If you have a document setting out your requirements that is great, in reality most of the time we start with a conversation to help understand how we can help.

One of our Solutions Consultants will be happy to talk through your requirements.

 If you're new to elearning and want to think through how it might be of benefit to you, there's some useful introductions here.

Our bespoke solutions for clients are tailored to their needs. Costs can vary according to the type of development and the need for audio, video and the design approach.

Typically we work to a fixed price or agreed budget, so you have peace of mind through development.

Frågor om LMS och lärplattformar

We design and develop learning platforms for our clients using Moodle, the open source LMS and Totara LMS, a custom distribution of Moodle for businesses. Find out more about our LMS and Learning Portal Services.

Yes, we typically host learning platforms for our clients and use our partner Rackspace to provide robust, secure, global hosting.

We also install learning platforms on client servers as required. Find out more about our hosting and support services.

Yes, we have global support teams that will ensure your site is fully updated, working and secure.

We offer a range of service level agreements so that you can choose the support package which is most appropriate for you. Find out more about our Hosting and Support services.