City & Guilds Kineo Apprenticeships

Kineos tjänster för lärlingsutbildning är för närvarande bara tillgängliga i England. Ni kan läsa mer om dem nedan och kontakta oss om ni önskar mer information.

Apprenticeships are structured, work-based training programmes that develop the skills and experience of employees and provide qualifications in a range of fields. They offer a practical solution for recruiting, retaining and developing motivated employees.

As part of the City & Guilds group, we offer the widest choice of apprenticeships, from specific sector apprenticeships in industries such as retail, hospitality and transport, through to disciplines such as business administration and customer service. We partner to understand your business needs and ensure your apprentices receive training that fully meets your requirements.

A Range of Apprenticeship Services

We can help with all aspects of your apprenticeships including:

  • Advice and support on everything relating to apprenticeships
  • Guidance on the best apprenticeship programmes for your business
  • Programme design that reflects the way you want to train
  • Administration and funding support
  • Support for programme recruitment, both internally and externally
  • Online portals and content
  • Training delivery, face-to-face and webinars with our unrivalled network of trainers and assessors
  • Marketing, PR and communications support to help you make the most of your programme
  • Assessment, verification and certification.

Pre-Apprenticeships (Traineeships)

If you're not quite ready, or are unsure about apprenticeships, then you may want to consider our pre-apprenticeship service.

The City & Guilds Kineo traineeship offer is unparalleled in the market place, bringing together innovative elearning and online tools to manage and monitor work experience and the widest range of qualifications available.

Managed Learning Services

We're also able to manage the whole process through our Managed Learning Service which combines platform, blend design, funding management, learner and assessor support and assessment, all as part of one managed service.

Benefits Of Apprenticeships

There are a number of benefits of apprenticeships, the main ones being:

Workforce motivation:

  • 88% of employers believe apprenticeships contribute to a more satisfied workforce
  • 80% believe that apprentices reduce staff turnover

Performance improvement:

  • 89% of employers view apprentices as key to their future
  • 76% agree that apprentices boost productivity
  • 60% of employers value apprentices over graduates for making a difference from day one

Case Studies

We've run apprenticeship programmes for a wide range of clients, here are just two examples:


McDonalds Apprenticeship case study

Over 7,000 apprentices have developed their customer service skills through our apprenticeship programme with McDonald's.

Read the case study.


Tesco Apprenticeship case study

Thousands of people have developed and advanced within Tesco as a result of our apprenticeship programme.

Read the case study.

Find Out More

See what some of the biggest businesses in the UK have said about the benefits of apprenticeships in our City & Guilds guide, developed with Business in the Community.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your apprenticeship needs.

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