Adapt (Multi-Device Learning)

One version of elearning that runs on all devices: we’ve worked hard to make it easy.

Dynamic elearning starts with a user-friendly design. A great user experience has traditionally meant that multiple versions of the same elearning course needed to be developed, but this has become challenging and expensive with all the different shapes and sizes of today’s devices. To solve this problem, Kineo founded Adapt, a responsive elearning framework.

One tool to rule all devices

Adapt is designed to solve a problem in elearning. When you're faced with delivery to multiple devices, such as desktop, tablet, mobile, you have a choice: you can create multiple versions, each optimised for specific devices, or you can use a responsive design approach.

If you create and optimise multiple versions for each device, you might build in Flash for desktop, a native app for iPhone, a different version for iPad, and Android, and so on. As you can see, this method is complex and expensive. Then when you start getting into translation and maintenance, it gets out of control pretty quickly - not to mention the tracking issues if you're trying to track data from multiple sources.

Adapt gives you a different, and much simpler option. Using our responsive elearning design approach, Adapt creates just one version of your elearning in HTML5, which responds intelligently to the device it is viewed on.


Benefits of Adapt

  • Cost effective - one version to build and maintain
  • Deep scrolling design - more natural, weblike experience
  • Component driven - custom design, not fixed templates
  • Intelligent design - display alternative forms of content on different devices. For example, not showing complex animations on small screens
  • LMS compatible - launch and track in any SCORM-compatible LMS
  • Searchable - acts as a web resource, not a locked-down course
  • Accessible as it's HTML5 output
  • Translation is simple - editing text files
  • Open source - it's free to download the code and use it
  • Evolving roadmap - the open source community is adding more functionality all the time including offline player, geolocation, and much more.


Why partner with us?

  1. Custom content and functionality development
    As pioneers of the Adapt project we have an indepth knowledge of Adapt custom design and delivery. We have designed innovative multidevice learning resources for clients including: Rolls-RoyceScouts Association, TUI, Barclays, Network Rail and Mitsubishi.

  2. Hosted Service with Totara Mobile LMS
    Need to host elearning you’ve created with Adapt? We can provide hosted and tracked Adapt elearning content via Totara LMS Mobile.

  3. Capability building, templates and themes
    We can train your team in the best practice of responsive design to help you get the most out of Adapt. And we can develop a theme in your branding to give it that custom feel.

As the founders of Adapt, Kineo knows the framework inside out. To date, Adapt has been used by multiple clients including Rolls-Royce, TUI, The Scouts Association, City & Guilds, Drug Free Sport New Zealand and many more. It’s already won the highest elearning honour: the award for Best Learning Design Technology at the LearnX awards, 3 years in a row.

Be sure to check out the 'Story of Adapt' video below. Or if you'd like to find out more about Adapt and how we can help you deliver cost-effective, mobile learning, get in touch.


Adapt is open source

In 2013, as passionate believers of Open Source, we made the decision to open up the Adapt project to the community. This means you have many developers from Kineo and other elearning companies working together to enhance Adapt - and of course, it means it's a free tool to download and use yourself.

Join the Adapt Community to find out more about the Adapt Open Source project, contribute or follow developments.



Kineo EssentialsPlus - Adapt Demo

Example module of Kineo's EssentialsPlus Off The Shelf e-learning. In this demo we’ve crammed many of the engaging features you can expect to see in our EssentialsPlus courses, all into a single topic. Try the quiz questions and look out for the guided revision feature!

Launch the demo


The Scouts Association - Adapt Demo

Developed for the Scouts Association, this course allows learners what it means to be a new volunteer, covering subjects such as the responsibilities that come with the role along with the fundamentals of safety, safeguarding and dealing with bullying.

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