Kineo Pacific Chairman to be Guest Speaker at 2013 Moodle-Mahara Meetup

Chairman of Kineo Pacific and Totara LMS Chief Executive, Richard Wyles will be a key speaker at the 2013 Moodle-Mahara Meetup on May 8 at the Rydges Southpark, Adelaide. The Moodle-Mahara Meetup, a not-for-profit event, will highlight how Mahoodle, an open source learning management system, is lowering the barriers to online learning through better integration and user experience.

Kineo Pacific Chairman and Totara LMS CEO Richard Wyles, will demonstrate the progress of the Open Badges project funded by Mozilla Foundation, MacArthur Foundation and Hastac, which implements the Open Badges framework in Moodle, Mahara and Totara LMS. Open Badges, act as digital records of achievements, skills, interests, affiliations or roles, and will be used as an alternative system for learning credentials.

For more information about Open Badges click here.

Other keynote themes to be discussed by guest speakers will also include the progress of Mahoodle integration, how to utilize Mahoodle to drive learning success through learning analytics as well as a talk on using Mahoodle and Google apps to support learning programs.

Kineo is the co-founder of Totara LMS, and a Platinum Partner. Kineo offers learning management systems solutions, which will enable organizations to deploy and manage all types of learning, deliver to specific groups, set up and manage learning communities, and assess and report on learning progress. You can find out more about Totara LMS here.

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