BurgerFuel's pre-hire and induction training has supported their rapid growth

How can you identify which applicants have the most potential before you hire them? BurgerFuel tackled this problem head on with a gamified, immersive approach. 

BurgerFuel is a restaurant and franchise that specialises in gourmet burgers. Since its first restaurant opened in 1995, BurgerFuel has grown to over 600 employees across New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East and America.




The challenge

Following a rapid expansion period, BurgerFuel was looking for a series of online learning games to be delivered via their website or LMS to on-board and induct new employees. This covered the core areas of:

  • fire safety
  • food temperature
  • manual handling
  • robbery prevention
  • working safely
  • menu mechanics

By the end of the courses, learners would be able to understand the importance of paying attention to the little (and big) things which can prevent accidents, fires and robberies. Learners would also understand how to keep safe in the workplace.


The solution

The design concept was to create six, 10-15 minute SCORM 1.2 compliant gamified Adapt modules, challenging learners on their current and recently gained knowledge. Locked topics guide the learner from beginning to end.

BurgerFuel partnered with Kineo to develop the games using the Adapt HTML5 framework. Because front of house and kitchen staff within BurgerFuel’s restaurants were typically 16-25 years old, enthusiastic and full of energy, a responsive design and mobile delivery were very important. The artwork used the tattoo style associated with the BurgerFuel brand and took a mobile-first approach.

A character selection screen upfront gives the modules a personalised approach, and the character chosen by the learner at the beginning stays with them on their journey.

Animated scenarios introduce the challenge to the learner, setting the scene and drawing them into the dilemma in an engaging manner.

The learning is split into three topics:

  • Get the lowdown: Find out about the risks and how to mitigate against these
  • Ask the team: Get support from your team in handling complex situations
  • Take the challenge: Put what you’ve learnt into practice and achieve a great score.





The results

The team were thrilled with the course, from its gamified learning approach and mirroring of real life scenarios to the high quality graphical style.

“There has been a lot of positive feedback from franchisees regarding the recruitment and induction process – key knowledge… is embedded before a new staff member arrives for their first shift at BurgerFuel.”

“There’s a more consistent delivery of training – this results in a more consistent product and customer service. As a global franchised company with more than 80 stores, it’s important that anyone who eats at the ‘store with the purple wings’ knows what they’re getting, whether that be in Auckland, Sydney, Dubai or Indianapolis”. Marc Harris – BurgerFuel Worldwide Learning & Development Manager.


BurgerFuel have even found that they are leveraging the solution in unexpected ways with impressive results.

“Recently we did a one-month marketing campaign on thickshakes – it was a bold move as it was a money-back guarantee for ‘the best thickshake you’ve had’. To back up the marketing and operations teams, we reset every staff member’s sign-off for the drinks station eLearning module, meaning they all had to re-sit the training before they were able to log into our LMS.

Results were a 25% increase in thickshake sales across four weeks (total sales have remained consistent even though the campaign is finished) but only 0.4% of thickshake sales were refunded – less than 50x refunds from more than 12,000 sales.”

Now that the initial rollout of elearning to New Zealand stores has been a success, they are looking to adapt these modules for a future rollout across their global network.

“We’ve presented some examples and show reels of the learning to key operational staff in these countries and it’s fair to say they are all excited with what lies ahead.”


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