Our Learning Solutions

At Kineo we focus on developing solutions that improve performance for our clients.

We've worked in many industries and solved learning challenges from the customer service front line to the senior leadership team, from the oil rig to the marketing department, across many sectors including financial services, retail, technology, health, energy, government, and telecoms.

Our focus is in the six areas where our experience has shown us that learning needs are greatest and most common across these sectors. Here we share a quick overview of our specific expertise that we've used on over 2,000 projects. How can we help you?

Induction and Onboarding

Onboarding and Apprenticeship SolutionsIt’s as true in learning as anywhere else: first impressions matter. Help your new team members to belong and be productive from the beginning. with a first learning and support experience that sets the right tone.

Find out more about our induction and onboarding solutions.

Compliance and Policy

Compliance SolutionsGo beyond box-ticking to achieve proven and lasting behavior change with our cost-effective solutions that can include built-in campaign management and ongoing evaluation to drive through the behavior change.

Find out more about our compliance solutions.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience SolutionsMake sure your front line is delivering a great customer experience with our focused learning programs. We’ll help you excel in your customer service learning experience, through focused learning that can be accessed on multiple devices and customer service portals and communities.

Find out more about our customer experience training solutions.

Leadership and Management

Sales and Product Knowledge SolutionsWe’ll help you make sure your learning programs are as flexible and responsive as we ask our managers to be. From custom learning to blended programs and leadership portals, we can support you with a range of learning services. 

Find out more about our leadership and management training solutions.

Sales and Product Knowledge

Sales and Product Knowledge SolutionsYour sales team is a key element to the success of your business, so shouldn't you be delivering learning that means business too? Let us help make sure you’re delivering effective learning for your sales teams with focused custom solutions, rapid and multi-device product knowledge updates, and actively managed sales and knowledge portals.

Find out more about our sales and product knowledge training solutions.

Technical and Process Training

Technical and Process Training SolutionsUnderlying success in most roles in organizations is effective processes. If you need people to apply that process – you need to train them. Let us support you with focused systems and process learning that’s practical and engaging, and aligned with your needs.

Find out more about our process and technical training solutions.