Fire Safety Training

Blog posts | 09.04.2021

Simon Sentance

Kineo Courses, Product Owner at Kineo AU

Fire Safety Training  

It’s frightening to learn that workplace health and safety statistics report that less than 25% of workers could remember where the fire extinguisher was in their workplace. This should place more organisational importance on workforce training. Fire is a significant risk to life and property in Australia and bushfires are commonplace.  Short exposure to smoke caused by fire can be fatal. 

In an emergency situation fire can cause death or cause serious injury, it can destroy homes and buildings. Fire safety training is an important part of building emergency protocols and procedures.  

Fires in commercial or industrial workplaces can develop into an out-of-control fire in as little as 30 seconds. Fires in other buildings can spread rapidly, like a domino effect, through rising gases and with heat so hot that they ignite other areas of the building,  

In a bushfire, radiant heat is the most dangerous and can be fatal before the bushfire arrives. In non-bushfire situations, smoke is the main killer.  

Who is Fire Safety Training suitable for? 

This course focuses on fire protection safety in the workplace and is suitable for use in a fire safety training program for staff. It is especially useful for fire wardens, responsible for emergency response and emergency procedures and others in an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO). 

This course is ideal as standalone training or as part of an existing work health and safety (WHS) training program. It complements further key workplace training; either face-to-face, online or blended learning and is appropriate for a wide range of industries. 

What is covered in Fire Safety Training? 

Kineo’s fire safety training has been designed for use in a fire safety training program to cover key training requirements. It focuses on fire safety in the workplace. The elearning aims to teach workers how to respond to a fire emergency, covers evacuation drills and how to use emergency equipment such as extinguishers, fire blankets, and hose reels. The engaging digital training has  interactive activities and covers all key learning objectives in less than one hour. It is nationally recognised and endorsed by the NSCA Foundation, developed in partnership with Chubb. 

The modules in the course cover: 

  • The basic characteristics of fire and the risk to life and property it poses.  
  • Fire emergency response. 
  • Portable fire equipment use.  

Fire Safety Training is part of Kineo’s Emergency suite of courses 

The emergency suite of courses include General Evacuation Training and Warden Training course titles.  

General Evacuation Training provides an understanding of what is necessary in an emergency and evacuation plan, why evacuations occur, what happens in an emergency and what the evacuation procedures are in an evacuation. The course also explores evacuations from chemical spills, adverse weather conditions, along with active armed offender emergencies. 

Warden Training is for any employee who is a member of the emergency control organisation who has undertaken a warden training course. The purpose of the course is to improve the understanding of the warden’s role in the workplace, as well as preparation, prevention and readiness in order to respond safely and quickly to workplace emergencies.  

Further independent reading on emergency plans and procedures that delivers national emergency workplace information can be obtained via Safework Australia.   

What next? 

We can help your organisation to be a safety-first workplace. New learners are invited to take a free trial of Kineo’s course library. We’ve done all the hard work and categorised our 100s of workplace titles, Worker Health and Safety may be a perfect place to start you on your and your workforce’s learning journey. 

Simon Sentance

Kineo Courses, Product Owner at Kineo AU

Simon looks after the Kineo Courses product offering in APAC. Simon and his Adelaide-based team are taking a big step beyond the cookie cutter approach of many off-the-shelf eLearning products available today. Their goal is to develop workplace online training designed to drive behavioural change and deliver measurable impact for your business.

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