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Kineo & SAP win joint gold award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology

News | 08.02.2021

Kineo and SAP win a coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for excellence in the Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology category. The win was announced on December 10, 2020 and the full list of winners can be found on the Brandon Hall website.  

“We’re really stoked to win this award, from the prestigious Brandon Hall Awards for Excellence in Technology. It’s been a wonderful collaboration with SAP and we’re proud to see our work recognised with this Gold Award,” said Lewis John, Account manager for SAP at Kineo.

SAP’s vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives; the visionary SAP learning experience team with their inclusive mindset are dedicated to ensuring learning is accessible to all. To accomplish this SAP identified the Adapt Open Source framework and specifically the Adapt Authoring Tool as the perfect way to support their team’s vision. 

Since Kineo first released the Adapt Authoring framework, as open source project in 2013, many organisations have benefited from the responsive, scrollable and interactive learning experiences it delivers. Accessible learning has always been a core focus of this framework, through the strategic partnership with SAP, Kineo helped to raise the bar with how authoring tools meet the latest developments in standard and assistive technologies. The project involved working closely and testing with end-users, enlisted by SAP, to make the experience real and to work through the nuances of interacting with learning via assistive technologies. 

The partnership with SAP culminated with release v4 of the Adapt Framework (and Authoring Tool), making Adapt the most accessible content development tool available. Adapt is unparalleled in its commitment to accessibility, which is baked into the product from the ground up. 

Since then the partnership has gone from strength to strength with the creation of new framework plugins and improvements to the Authoring Tool feature set in response to requests from the hundreds of elearning content creators within SAP. Enhancements include a pre-assessment diagnostic plugin, an enhanced role selector and interactive video component. All of these elements assist in making personalised learning experiences. 

Brandon Hall Group Chief Executive Officer Mike Cooke, said:
“The Excellence Award in Technology emphasizes the value of collaboration between HCM leaders, business leaders and technology developers. To win, everyone must work together to meet the needs of all stakeholders, especially the end-users. Technology Award winners met this challenge and created value for everyone.” 

Mark D’Aquin, Learning Solutions Architect and Strategist at SAP said:
“Providing accessible learning experiences that are modern, engaging, and relevant and supports the content development community for success both internally and globally has been my passion. SAP, Adapt, and our partnership with Kineo has been the vehicle to do just that. We will continue to forge ahead and evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of our learners, the organization, and the success of the content development community.”

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