Maintaining Aged Care Quality Standards compliance with online learning

Blog posts | 15.06.2021

Simon Sentance

Kineo Courses, Product Owner at Kineo AU

The aged care sector aims to improve the quality of care provided to older Australians and comply with the compulsory Aged Care Quality Standards, which came into effect in mid-2019. Aged care organisation leaders are likely to be intimately familiar with Quality Standards requirements, including the need to provide evidence when being assessed against the standards.

Standards assessments focus on outcomes and takes into consideration the aged care organisation’s efforts to provide high-quality, safe, consumer-focused care.

How can an aged care organisation prove that it has met the requirements?

The Australian Government Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission provides accreditation to organisations that have met the Quality Standards requirements. This requires the commission to review, assess, and audit the performance of aged care providers. It does this in four ways.

  1. Unannounced site visits: these audits aim to glean information about the provider’s everyday performance.
  2. Assessment contacts: these can be conducted to monitor the quality of care or to assess the provider’s performance against the Quality Standards. They can happen at any time and be announced or unannounced.
  3. Review audits: these audits are generally conducted if the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner believes the aged care provider may not be meeting the Quality Standards, or if there has been a change in circumstances or premises since the last audit.
  4. Self-assessments: this is an important part of continuous improvement and gives aged care providers the opportunity to demonstrate evidence that improvement has occurred.

Creating a portfolio of evidence with online training platforms

One of the most compelling ways an aged care organisation can show its commitment to improvement and to meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards is to conduct comprehensive and online training for staff members. Keeping staff abreast of their requirements and responsibilities can help ensure compliance and instil a culture in which ongoing learning is rewarded. Importantly, it can prove that the organisation has invested in training to comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

When aged care workers are well-trained and aware of Quality Standards requirements, their level of care will improve. They will also feel more empowered, which improves their engagement at work. This creates a virtuous cycle of ongoing improvement and staff engagement in which aged care clients are the winners through receiving higher standards of care.

Online learning platforms can help deliver comprehensive and relevant training to aged care staff members without overburdening them with lengthy, repetitive, in-person training sessions. An effective online learning platform can:

  • map directly to the Quality Standards and demonstrate how the course helps the staff member and the organisation comply
  • deliver information in a meaningful and compelling way, including practical exercises, to cement the learning for workers
  • give learners credit for information they already know, rather than forcing them to repeat sections of the course
  • provide courses developed by recognised experts, with information that can be applied immediately to the learner’s daily activities
  • provide proof of completion and competence for the learner and the organisation
  • reduce the costs associated with employee training
  • offer irrefutable proof of the organisation’s commitment to training and compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Ongoing and targeted staff training is pivotal for aged care providers that aim to maintain high standards of care for their clients. Providing high-quality, impactful training makes it much easier for organisations to also maintain compliance with the Quality Standards.

Kineo provides hundreds of highly targeted courses that are easy to follow and deliver real-world learning for aged care workers. To find out which Kineo courses correspond directly with the Aged Care Quality Standards, and to find out how you can get started with Kineo courses today, contact the team

Simon Sentance

Kineo Courses, Product Owner at Kineo AU

Simon looks after the Kineo Courses product offering in APAC. Simon and his Adelaide-based team are taking a big step beyond the cookie cutter approach of many off-the-shelf eLearning products available today. Their goal is to develop workplace online training designed to drive behavioural change and deliver measurable impact for your business.

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