Top elearning topics for Tradies National Health Month

Blog posts | 03.08.2021

Simon Sentance

Kineo Courses, Product Owner at Kineo AU

Throughout the month of August we celebrate our tradespeople (more than any other time of the year). It's National Tradies Health Month, so let us place much deserving focus on tradies, their health and why it matters so much. 

A tradesperson or ‘tradie’, that is technicians and trades workers, labourers and machinery operators and drivers, given the high-risk nature of their duties, are susceptible to injury far more than any other job type. 

Between 2010–11 and 2014–15, the trade industry made up 30% of the workforce but represented 58% of serious claims for workers’ compensation. Incidents were 3 times higher than that of all other occupations as reported by Safe Work Australia. And with 190 serious claims made each day concerted action needs to be taken by organisations to attest they are doing their utmost to minimise incidents. 

 There are a number of different aspects to be exercised that will ensure tradies health and safety is optimised; these have been broadly categorised under compliance, training and physical and mental wellbeing. 

Here, we will focus on helping with what we know best... and that’s digital workplace training. 

Our compliance based work health and safety (WHS) oriented elearning offers practical knowledge that learners can implement in their day-to-day activities straight away. Striking the right balance between key knowledge building, practical information and examples is important for learner engagement and behavioural change, that way we’ll start to see better outcomes and less injuries that may have otherwise been avoided. 

Kineo’s courses consistently achieve high ratings from organisations and learners. Kineo offers best of breed workplace digital training with user feedback that scores Kineo training modules an average score of 4.6 out of 5 from over 100,000 learners. 

Across Tradies Health Month we’ll highlight topics and course titles from our off the shelf library of industry leading learning content topics that are critical to tradies, on and off site. Workplace digital training is efficient, provides a consistent learner experience with practical skills to take back into the workplace and is cost effective. 

With leading subject matter learning content, endorsed by industry, here’s our top tradies elearning ethics and conduct must-haves, centred on conflict and culture. 

Bullying and Harassment for Employees provides ‘tradies’ with an understanding of how the law defines bullying and harassment in the workplace. It also trains them in what workplace behaviours should be avoided, and what employees can do if bullying and harassment is occurring in their workplace. 

Bullying and Harassment for Managers and Supervisors covers the types of behaviour that are considered bullying and harassment, the responsibilities of managers and supervisors, how to identify bullying and harassment, prevent and manage bullying and harassment using a risk management approach, and includes how to handle incidents or reports of bullying or harassment. 

Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Workplace Conflict Conflicts in the workplace are a negative drain on productivity and workplace culture. Tradies and supervisors all play a role in contributing to a safe and productive workplace. Difficult situations happen and could be caused by a work-related issue, personal issue or something else. Developing skills to manage and resolve conflict can minimise the harm to the business - as well as any potential danger to an individual. 

Mental Health in the Workplace. Training for Managers and Supervisors leaders will gain an understanding of what mental health conditions are, the importance of supporting mental health in the workplace, the challenges of maintaining a mentally healthy workplace and strategies for creating a mentally healthy and safe workplace. 

Positive Workplace Culture provides an awareness of what a positive workplace culture is, as well as how to proactively identify and reduce risks that negatively impact on workplace culture.     

Here’s to a harmonious step in the direction of fewer mishaps and healthier bodies and minds. Through the medium of workplace training, we’re here to help

Simon Sentance

Kineo Courses, Product Owner at Kineo AU

Simon looks after the Kineo Courses product offering in APAC. Simon and his Adelaide-based team are taking a big step beyond the cookie cutter approach of many off-the-shelf eLearning products available today. Their goal is to develop workplace online training designed to drive behavioural change and deliver measurable impact for your business.

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