Your 3 most popular workplace training courses of 2021

Blog posts | 24.11.2021


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The most popular workplace course of 2021

Bullying & Harassment for Employees contains contextualised imagery that suits the learner and the environment that they typically work within, encouraging higher learner completion rates as it’s relatable. The course focuses on building positive behaviours and stopping negative behaviours and is based on Australian legislation.

The impact of bullying in the workplace is detrimental to morale, staff turnover and the financial performance of an organisation. It can have serious consequences to the organisation, from damage to the health and wellbeing of the victim to fines and criminal charges for offenders and the organisation they work for. Anti-bullying initiatives, sexual harassment training and harassment prevention training are key to a safe and inclusive workplace.

"A great course where I gained more insight into bullying and harassment in the workplace.”

Transport and Logistics maintenance employee, New South Wales.

See more user feedback and ratings for the Bullying and Harassment Training for employees course.

In at number two for most wanted workplace training   

Worker Health and Safety Fundamentals has a national focus and as stated by a manufacturing worker in Victoria: 

“It’s an absolute eye opener to be aware of the hazards around us and it definitely equipped me to be safer.” 

General workplace health and safety should never be overlooked.  Managing risk is crucial for a safe productive workplace.

Learners can expect to glean information and good practice on:

  • Health and safety responsibilities in the workplace,
  • How risk is managed in the workplace using the risk management process,
  • Common workplace hazards, and 
  • Some steps to reduce the risks associated with these hazards.

Where’s the fire extinguisher in your workplace?

7 out of 10 workers are not aware where the fire extinguishers are located in the workplace. As fires present a significant risk in the workplace, having workers that can correctly and effectively use fire equipment on site can significantly mitigate risk.  

Given that even small fires can become catastrophic in no time at all, it’s no wonder that Fire Awareness & Extinguisher Training is fundamental workplace training.

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