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Dec 2012

Effective learning scenarios

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Shaping the future of learning

You know that we’re all about goal-based scenarios at Kineo. Let people do things, make mistakes, get support. So as in life, so it should be in e-learning. 

In short:

1. Start with a goal: Create goals that matter to the learner, stimulate them towards achieving a goal.

2. Tell them about the scenario: Give them authentic resources such as documents and viewpoints. Also get their attention, maybe an angry voicemail from a customer.

3. Present decision options: Give them equally plausible options, don't write distractors.

4. Show what happens: Demonstrate the consequences, make it memorable. If they get it right, go straight to the next decision point. Only coach if they make mistakes.

5. Take it further: Help them learn from their mistake. Provide useful learning which could be advice from an expert or a useful tutorial.



Shaping the future of learning

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