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Effective Feedback Training

Course overview

Done correctly, feedback can be a great way to improve your employees’ productivity, helping to improve their work or behaviour and give your employees the edge required to help your business get ahead in the marketplace.

Giving feedback that helps to increase performance and flag areas for development in others is an acquired skill that takes practice (and feedback!) to develop properly. Feedback can also be one of the most challenging communication skills to master, meaning that it can often be deployed incorrectly, leading to a negative learning experience for the employee and reducing the likelihood of a successful programme.

This 40-minute elearning module will help you to understand the value of giving feedback. You'll learn the difference between feedback and advice, and how to deliver both effectively. This course will also give you tips on how feedback can improve performance.

This elearning is applicable for many roles but is ideal for those involved in training or developing talent through coaching, mentoring or appraisals.

Learning outcomes

After completing the training, your employees will be able to:

  • Identify the difference between feedback and advice
  • Understand how effective feedback can improve performance
  • Identify how effective feedback contributes to achieving business objectives and progression within learning
  • Identify how and when to give effective feedback
  • Understand the important of feedback in everyday settings versus feedback in professional development reviews.

This course has been commended by City & Guilds and has CPD accreditation.

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