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Problem-Solving Training

Course overview

Problems can often cause real headaches, so why not equip your staff with good problem-solving techniques to help move your organisation one step closer to a great solution.

Problems are central to the work that most of your staff perform every day - whether it's solving problems for your customers or your business. Developing good problem-solving skills can make a huge difference to the success and effectiveness of your employees.

EssentialsPlus problem solving is a 65-minute elearning module which will improve your problem-solving techniques and enhance their effectiveness both in and outside of the workplace. You'll learn how to identify problems and their effects on anorganisationand also how best to implement strategies to rectify them.

This course is suitable for many roles but particularly beneficial for managers who will have to take a lead in implementing solutions when problems occur.

Learning outcomes

After completing this training, your employees will be able to:

  • Define problems clearly to determine their nature and their effect on theorganisation
  • Gather and interpret problematic data to establish any trends and patterns
  • Understand how to identify problems and find a solution
  • Plan a strategy for implementing a solution
  • Implement and monitor a solution to ensure the problem has been resolved effectively.

The assessment for this module consists of 15 questions that are randomly selected and ordered from a pool of multiple choice questions. If learners don't meet the 100% pass rate, they will be taken back through the specific topics that they need to revise, using our Guided Revision Functionality.

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