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5 ways xAPI can change your life


Feb 2017

5 ways xAPI can change your life


Practical ways you can use and manage data are the new reality

Kineo and the xAPI innovators at HT2Labs have seen a whole host of ways in which a Learning Record Store and xAPI can be used by organisations looking to do more with their learning and performance data. Think social network analysis, real-time opinion data, and making predictions that will have meaningful impact in your organisation. 

In this recording Kineo's Director of Technology Haitham Gasim and HT2Labs' CEO Ben Betts discuss five things xAPI can do that will change your life. 

Watch the recording to discover:

  • how to use an LRS with your existing, non-xAPI data
  • how to effectively manage data about people with multiple accounts
  • the meaningful information that will help you make sound predictions 
  • how to launch content with and without an LMS
  • how to improve learning design and journeys.

Watch the webinar recording


    Ben Betts

    Ben leads the passionate team at HT2 Labs and is a globally-recognised thought-leader in learning technology with more than 15 years' industry experience. His doctorate research broke new ground studying the impact of gamification on adult social learning. He has written and contributed chapters for four books, published peer-reviewed academic papers and presented at TEDx.

    Haitham Gasim

    Based in Chicago, Haitham has a Masters in Computer Science and over 15 years' experience as a web development professional. He leads strategic technical direction for Kineo US and ensures that the technical team keeps abreast with new and emerging technologies.

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