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Apr 2007

ELearning Guild LMS report

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Shaping the future of learning

While we were at the ELearning Guild Annual Gathering, the Guild launched its latest LMS survey. We were right there to muse on its findings hot off the presses.

The survey was of 2,300 ELearning Guild members, which are mostly in the US. The report is useful in providing a snapshot of the LMS market and the report helpfully breaks down the respondents into larger corporates, small and medium sized corporates and the government/education sector. It would have been even more useful if they’d separated government organisations from education – next year maybe. Here are the headlines:

Moodle gains foothold in corporates

The big news is the growth of Moodle in the corporate sector. While Moodle has only 4% of the large corporate market, it has the largest share of any LMS in the medium and small corporate market, with over 24% of the market.

It appears that while not many corporates use Moodle at an enterprise level, a lot of corporates are using Moodle tactically for smaller or quick projects. This is pretty much exactly what we’re seeing with our clients in the UK: corporates are deploying Moodle as the basis for a line manager portal, sales academy, a suppliers training portal or a compliance portal. In doing so, they’re sidestepping a lot of the IT tedium associated with LMS integration, and getting a delivery platform wrapped around their content. In our view, it won’t be long before the rapid rollout and success of these tactical initiatives raise some fundamental questions about the point of a big hulking LMS.

Blackboard dominant in government and education – for now…

In the education and government sector, Blackboard continues to hold onto the largest market share – for now. Again, Moodle is displaying rapid growth, now with growing 35% of the government and education market. We predict that the ill will towards Blackboard for their recent LMS patent attempts, combined with continued success of Moodle, will lead to a premiership-style race for dominance in this sector in the next 12 months.


Customers satisfied with free stuff – exclusive

The large corporate sector the LMS with the largest satisfaction rating was Skillsoft with 7.79.

In the medium and small corporate space, Moodle was the clear winner with very high satisfaction rates. This might in part be due to the fact it is free…In the education and government sector despite having a lower market share Moodle has much higher satisfaction ratings than Blackboard as can be seen below. Satisfaction is directly related to client referrals and repeat business…we wouldn’t like to be in the Blackboard boardroom (try saying that five times quickly!) right now.

Kineo’s view

It’s clear that many corporates in the US are beginning to exploit the potential of Moodle as an open source LMS, and seeing its potential outside its natural education habitat.

They appear to be approaching this tactically by using Moodle for specific initiatives or to pilot new ideas where it may be quicker to deploy with Moodle even if there is an incumbent LMS.

To be fair, there are still relatively few corporates using Moodle as their enterprise wide LMS. However, the power of Moodle increases with each version (Version 1.9) is due out in June and has new corporate tracking functions. It can’t be long before the question of Moodle becomes a serious contender for large corporate LMS requirements. Does that mean Moodle is selling its educational soul? If course not. It’s open source, remember? You can’t buy its soul…



Shaping the future of learning

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