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Nov 2013

Elearning Market Update - November 2013

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Shaping the future of learning

This month we were down under at the learning@work conference in Sydney, learning from the experience of companies such as LinkedIn, Deloitte, Nissan and TNT.

I was pleased to be able to attend the event with our colleagues from Kineo Pacific, who just became part of the City & Guilds Kineo Group. Some of the key takeaways from the event for me were as follows...

Kelly Palmer, leadership and talent development lead at LinkedIn provided an insight into the learning challenges of a business in hyper-growth. LinkedIn is growing very rapidly and 67% of its employees are millennials. They have high expectations for career progression and quickly.

The culture and values of LinkedIn can be summarised as:

  • Members first
  • Relationships matter
  • Open, honest and constructive
  • Demand excellence
  • Take intelligent risks
  • Act like an owner

Within LinkedIn learning and development is about helping people navigate their own career paths which are rarely linear. They have LearnIn, a custom built portal which facilitates this process and which differs from a traditional LMS. The portal is based on principles such as:

  • Curated content, ie what's best and most relevant
  • Personalised content, ie recommended but also can be self authored
  • Social learning, ie connecting peers across the organisation
  • Leveraging internal experts and influencers
  • A focus on learning not organisation control

Pip Dexter from Deloitte noted we are living in a VUCA world (Johanssen): volatile, complex, uncertain, and ambiguous. Thus in Deloitte they value preparedness over prediction and see insights as the new currency.

Learning technology is changing things as it is:

  • Borderless, hence they are more likely to crowd source ideas and solutions across and outside of the organisation. Tech and knowledge do not respect boundaries and borders
  • Faster, things work faster with learning solutions in the cloud

In global talent surveys leadership is number one issue for organisations. Market analysts attribute significant value to strong leadership when rating businesses and see a 35% performance gap between what good and poorly led businesses achieve. The Deloitte view is that leadership development needs to be inclusive, enable innovation, encourage agile thinking, and promote global perspectives.

Deloitte's own leadership programs now focus on personal business transformation projects as crucible experiences, where there is live learning and self driven experiences. These experiences are aligned to business strategies and service lines rather than formal training.

For new leaders they run day long transition labs with a coach and senior executives to plan a 180 day transition plan to reduce the instances of early transition failure. At a later session TNT outlined how they use high potential people to deliver learning and act as coaches and mentors to staff.

Tas Papasimeon, L&D Manager at Nissan outlined their experiences in developing and managing the Nissan Learning Acacemy for Dealership Network. There are 220 dealerships across Australia and NZ – all franchised.

They develop content internally, they used Articulate initially, then advanced to Storyline. They use a lot of video driven learning – using stories and scenarios. The video works very well for dealer engagement. They also use the same narrators, so people get to know the presenters. Their content is available on mobile devices and they have an 80% reach online vs a 70% reach with face to face events. 

Vanessa North, Director Learning & development at the Australia Tax Office outlined the success they had with curated content and they are now experimenting with user generated content. Accreditation and mapping to national standards is also an important part of their learning framework.

In summary, it was a great event and good to meet up with many of our Kineo clients and colleagues in Australia and New Zealand. Looking forward to next year



Shaping the future of learning

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