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Apr 2016

Finding true north in a digital blizzard – a southern hemisphere perspective

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Shaping the future of learning

I always look forward to reading Kineo’s annual Learning Insights report. Combined with other similar annual reflections (e.g. Towards Maturity Industry Benchmark), such publications provide an insightful assessment for me on where learning is, where it is going and how can I navigate there.

Peel back the layers

Learning is an ever-changing field but it is also a simple and practical arena. Like any other practice it does have its shiny toys and fads but in reality when we, as Shrek states, "peel back the layers", it really is a simple concept.  For learning to be effective there is a need to focus on business needs and goals, yet here we are in 2016 and we are still talking about how we should do this.

Learning Insights 2015 confirms that our love affair of the shiny and new learning toys or theories is precluding us from “seeing the woods from the trees”. It is time we positioned the learning profession from a business mind-set.

To do this, though, requires new skills from all of us and this is the “elephant in the room”, which Learning Insights sums up very effectively.

I’ll have what she’s having

The When Harry met Sally syndrome of “I’ll have what she is having” is a catch cry I hear often. From my perspective here in Australia, I see this as the major inhibitor in us moving forward.

Performance Consulting is still rarely practiced and applied in the organisation, “solutioneering” runs wild and our nauseating love of boring elearning does not allow us to create effective long-lasting learning offerings.

For starters, learning to say “no” is a skill that we need to practice and apply.

Change your mindset

Next, learning professionals need to focus on building depth and breadth of their skill set.

Social learning, gamification, curation, capturing user-generated content, and virtual reality are all approaches that can be embraced to deliver kick-ass learning, but these require new skills and mindsets.

Don’t fear measurement

Lastly, learning needs not fear measurement – it needs to look at new approaches. Time to move on from traditional and out-dated evaluation models. Your executive/client is demanding something unique in determining the impact of learning – adopt a consultancy mindset and your learning measurement will be self evident.

Learning Insights 2015 has set the challenge to us all. Change, embrace, explore and adopt and you will find your True North.

The last 10 years have seen a digital blizzard that has impacted us all. Let's not let the next 10 years see this blizzard lead to our extinction.



Shaping the future of learning

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