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Feb 2014

How are McDonald's unlocking their people's potential?

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Shaping the future of learning

At last month’s Learning Technologies event, I took the time to attend one of the conference sessions delivered by Sue Husband, Head of Education at McDonald’s. As they are a Kineo customer, I had an obvious incentive to listen to Sue discuss learning impact within the business. Even knowing the story closely, I was still impressed with what the McDonald’s team have achieved. With National Apprenticeship Week fast approaching next month, here are some key takeaways and insights from the session.

To unlock their people’s potential, McDonald’s asked some simple questions. What are our business needs, and what do our people value?

In terms of business needs, employee engagement is considered critical. McDonald’s believe that if their people are committed, their confidence and competence will drive customer service and loyalty, thereby directly contributing to the overall growth of the business.

Driving employee engagement

With this in mind, they figured out what helped drive their staffs’ commitment. The secret lies in education and skills – and most importantly, recognition of their achievements through the provision of professional qualifications. This model of learning and qualification is applied to the whole organisation, from crew members and support with functional skills qualifications for Maths and English, to trainee managers and operations consultants

Kineo supports McDonald’s apprenticeships and have helped to create a truly blended approach which works for their employee audience. Elearning, workbooks, shop floor experience, coaching and assessment all work together to drive learning throughout the apprenticeship programme.

Self paced learning, online tutors, mobile access and gamification of the elearning content appeal to their learner demographic and help drive engagement with the ongoing learning involved in undertaking an apprenticeship. 


Over 100,000 learners have taken part in this programme and feedback shows a 14% increase in commitment to McDonald’s (a total of 91%), as well as increased competence (96%) and confidence (87%) in employees. This shows a demonstrable improvement in the business critical employee engagement which underpins the customer loyalty and growth of the whole organisation. It’s impressive to see such a clear vision and even better to see it executed so well by Sue and her team, and the acknowledgement Sue gave to her key partners in terms of us and Learn Direct in support.

With National Apprenticeship Week coming up, what are your thoughts on this approach? Could recognising your staff’s learning through qualifications work for you? 



Shaping the future of learning

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