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Nov 2012

Kineo and Warner Bros win gold award for compliance course


Kineo Group Inc. won a coveted Gold Brandon Hall Award for Best Compliance Content for The Data Defense League Super Hero Academy eLearning Course and campaign it helped produce in collaboration with Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Warner Bros.’ goal was to give employees specific direction on what they should do to protect privacy and safeguard sensitive information in the organization. They knew that a run-of-the-mill compliance eLearning course wouldn’t make the impact they desired in a creative environment such as Warner Bros.

Building on the success of their award winning “Put Yourself in the Picture Awareness Campaign” which was built around a pair of would-be filmmakers starring in three videos that illustrate privacy, security and social media risks, Warner Bros and Kineo partnered to transform the central characters into comic book superheroes and give them a new mission in engaging learning scenarios.

Kineo was selected to design script and develop an eLearning course which uses comedy, visual impact and sound learning design to bring the subject to life and challenge the learner to engage with real data privacy and information security situations. This was one time where eLearning really did need Hollywood production values to live up to the campaign, and the view at Warner Bros is that it delivered on its promise.

The awareness campaign and eLearning are rolling out internationally and more modules are already in development, extending the winning formula further.