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Sep 2016

Kineo named as top vendor in corporate training market


Kineo has been named as one of the best corporate training vendors in Europe by Technavio's in a new market research report.

A growing, competitive learning market

Technavio’s report predicts that the European corporate training market will grow by around 9% per year between 2016 and 2020 as businesses seek to improve culture, close skills gaps and deal with challenging financial conditions.

Corporate training is described as a particularly competitive and dynamic market because of the growing number of providers. As digital learning becomes a hygiene factor, vendors are looking for a unique selling point with solutions designed for specific training requirements. The market is also seeing new niche training companies that cater for specific sectors.

Kineo is recognised as a leading vendor in corporate training, offering an end-to-end consultative service in digital learning.

Corporate training priorities

The report identifies some challenges for Europe’s businesses that may be restricting growth and affecting profit margins. As well as traditional L&D, which focuses on developing workplace skills, Technavio names employee engagement, culture change and performance management as key areas where companies will be looking to invest in the next five years.

The report also looks at the changing manner of L&D delivery, specifically calling out gamification as a way of increasing participation and enhancing concentration levels for learners.

About the report

Technavio is a leading global technology research and advisory company which specialises in customised consulting and business research assignments across the latest leading edge technologies.

Analysts employ primary and secondary research techniques to gauge the size and vendor landscape in a range of markets. Using a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches, they get a full picture using data from various market participants and stakeholders including vendors, service providers, distributors, re-sellers, and end-users.

Download the 'Corporate Training Market in Europe 2016-2020' report here.

Do the challenges named in this report sound familiar to you? Whether it’s employee engagement, performance management or new ways of delivering learning content we’re here to help. Tell us your challenges and we’ll help you towards solutions.