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Feb 2015

Kineo named strategic leader in bespoke elearning


City & Guilds Kineo has been named a Strategic Leader in the Bespoke Elearning market for a third consecutive year, as part of an independent, annual study undertaken by Elearnity

City & Guilds Kineo has been a pioneer for innovation in elearning since establishing in 2005. It has progressed with the elearning and learning technologies industry, moving from rapid elearning and authoring tools through to building and designing the multi-device, responsive elearning framework Adapt Learning (which has since been released to the open source community).

This recent announcement places City & Guilds Kineo as a Strategic Leader in the Bespoke Elearning marketing for a third consecutive year in the 9-Grid Report produced by Elearnity, Europe’s leading talent and learning analysts.

Originally released in 2013, the Elearnity 9-Grid analysis model is based on the results of extensive independent research and deep insights from Elearnity’s corporate research network of over 150 client organisations, including BP, Lloyds Banking Group, Rolls Royce and Vodafone. According to Elearnity:

“Expectations of e-learning customers are growing. Stronger providers characteristically provide a broad range of solution options ranging from PDFs to complex scenario based simulations. ….Creativity and design are still critical for buyers. Equally, good learning design is becoming as important as instructional design, as projects shift to become learning campaigns.”

City & Guilds Kineo designs and delivers a range of bespoke and customised learning technology solutions for global business across the world including TUI Travel, Waitrose, TfL and McDonald’s. See examples of City & Guilds Kineo’s bespoke elearning.

View the full 2015 Elearnity 9 Grid Report on Bespoke Elearning.