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Feb 2016

Kineo releases a new solution for front-line managers


Kineo US and The Oxford Group have collaborated to deliver ManagementPlus, a new approach to developing front-line managers that leads participants through change journeys which culminates in demonstrated proficiency on the job.

“Our conversations with leadership development managers uncovered that they were frustrated with today’s offerings, feeling that current programmes do not effectively bridge from learning to practical on-the-job application. They also said they had to choose separate organisations to source in-person and digital elements, and no matter what they chose, it would take significant effort for them to configure separate offerings for use in their organisation.” said Matt Johnson, Global Managing Director of City & Guilds Kineo.

A Comprehensive Solution

To ensure results, ManagementPlus provides an integrated set of assessments, training, practice exercises, reflections, and management reports which are smoothly integrated via an easy-to-use portal. ManagementPlus is available in online and blended versions to address the key competencies that new front-line managers require.

“We’re pleased to bring this new solution that goes beyond simply ‘providing training’ to ensuring that participants work with their managers to demonstrate proficiency on the job,” said Sheena Porter, Chief Executive of the Oxford Group.
Managers Partnering with Managers

“We’ve seen how important it is for new managers to get support and coaching from their managers. So ManagementPlus integrates a simple, practical way to have front-line managers partner with their managers as part of our change journeys,” says Steve Lowenthal, CEO, Kineo US.
Pricing and Availability

The 'Managing Performance' suite of ManagementPlus is available now, containing five separate change journeys: Setting Expectations, Delegating, Providing Feedback, Coaching, and Monitoring Performance. Other suites are available in workshop format now and are coming soon as ManagementPlus change journeys.

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