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Jul 2015

Kineo report highlights lack of collaboration in L&D


Over half of UK businesses have two or more different teams taking responsibility for learning & development (L&D), leading to confusion and lack of cohesion. That’s according to a new report launched this week by Kineo.

The report, ‘Bridging the L&D Divide: How Collaborative is Your Learning & Development?’, also highlights that L&D budgets are shared between two or more departments in 46% of organisations and that insufficient funding or resources is a common issue.

Through Kineo’s work with organisations to help improve their learning and development, it identified that there is often a divide between HR and L&D functions, with little collaboration between the two.

This report was commissioned to find out why this happens, how common it is, and to identify potential benefits to organisations who encourage collaboration in L&D, joining the organisational dots and developing integrated L&D strategies.

Matt Johnson, Managing Director at Kineo, says: “Managers and leaders are more interested than ever in understanding the effectiveness of training. So it’s increasingly important for HR and L&D functions to collaborate, be more efficient and deliver a greater return on investment.

The research showed that organisations with more integrated L&D strategies see better results and realise dramatic cost savings. It also highlighted that the main challenges faced by organisations aiming to work collaboratively are:

  • Insufficient resources
  • Split responsibility for training
  • Limited funding
  • Lack of information
  • Insufficient support from management
  • The introduction of new technologies being restricted by internal skills gaps
  • Lack of knowledge management processes
  • Limited functionality between platforms and devices

The report identifies the common problems caused by a lack of collaboration and offers suggestions and top tips for how businesses can move towards a more collaborative approach for their learning and development to increase the return on investment for training. Over 200 participants involved in their organisation’s training were asked about their experiences and opinions.

 Kineo is the leading brand in workforce development, helping organisations to improve performance through learning and technology.

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