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Jun 2016

Kineo's ability to meet business needs is in the numbers


Every year Kineo's Client Services Team conducts a survey with our LMS clients to review the support services we provide our clients. With the purpose of keeping ourselves responsive and agile in meeting our clients' needs, the team helps clients meet the demands of today's modern learner and achieve results. Their purpose is to be an extension of a client's team and be their trusted workplace partner to help them succeed.  

2016 LMS Client Services Satisfaction Survey 

At a time when L&D professionals are increasingly unsatisfied with their LMS provider, the 2016 survey results reveal that our Client Services Team has gone against the grain and achieved in it's mission to provide clients with a stellar service. 100% of respondents said they were happy with their overall experience with the Client Services Team. 100% of respondents were also happy with how their issues were resolved and 100% were happy with how proactive the team was in providing solutions. 

These high marks are a refreshing contrast to the 2016 Fosway report, but it's not the first time the Client Services Team has received such high praise from our clients, nor will it be the last. Results from each year's survey shape how the Client Services Team meets client needs going forward. Feedback has led to important changes such as: an increased focus on training our engineers in customised elements of clients' LMS sites, including how and why customistions are used, as well as smoother integration of newly developed functionality between the Development Team and Client Services Team.  

Here's the results of Kineo's client survey. Take a peek at what happens when you build a strong partnership.

  • 100% of those who responded were happy with the overall experience of our Client Services team
  • 100% satisfied with how proactive we are in providing solutions
  • 97% satisfied with the knowledge and competence of our team
  • 100% satisfied with our initial response times
  • 100% satisfied with how their issues have been resolved
  • 97% satisfied with the clarity of our communications
  • 97% satisfied with how adaptive we are to your business needs
  • 100% satisfied with the courtesy and willingness to help shown by our team
  • 100% satisfied with how frequently we keep you updated on your issues
  • 3 in 5 clients say our service is adapting and evolving to meet the needs of their business