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May 2013

Kineo’s innovative open source elearning project gains momentum


Kineo, part of the City & Guilds Group, recently announced plans to make their award-winning Adapt responsive elearning tool open source.

The benefits of giving this code away to the whole industry are immense and the project has gained significant interest and momentum. 

Kineo is pleased to announce that two elearning companies have joined the founding group, that many others have offered to be contributors and that the first open source release will be available in the final quarter of 2013.

Adapt is the responsive elearning design framework developed by Kineo. It enables a single piece of elearning in HTML5 to adapt and run on multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets. It’s based on the principles of Responsive Elearning Design. It has been already used to great success for a range of Kineo clients including the Scouts Association and Compass. 

Following the announcement that Kineo’s responsive elearning framework, Adapt, will be made open source, Kineo hosted a webinar and a face-to-face session in July to kick off the project. With the help of the elearning community Kineo is now formulating a vision statement and planning the governance structure and roadmap. 

Several organisations within the learning community have indicated willingness to become core developers and many others have said they want to make a contribution. Learning Pool and Sponge UK will become part of the founding group. 

The Adapt open source founding group are defining the roadmap and carrying out initial tasks to ready the framework to be released as open source, including the development of a community website. This work is now underway with the plan for a first release in the final quarter of 2013. 

Kineo Technical Director Sven Laux said: “We’re really excited at the interest and momentum the Adapt open source project is gaining. We’re committed to the open source ethos, and sharing our innovations with the wider elearning community. Having a responsive framework that can deliver elearning for multiple devices is increasingly a must have for organisations. The Adapt open source project makes this more achievable for all.”

To find out the latest on the Adapt open source project and to join the community, check out the Adapt Community.