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Aug 2019

Kineo selected as one of the Top eLearning Content Providers for Blended Learning 2019


Another day, another recognition for Kineo! This time we are delighted to have made it to the Top eLearning Content Providers for Blended Learning 2019 list. Through a variety of means of researching the market, eLearning Industry compiled a list of some high-end players who in their words “can no longer be ignored when it comes to blended learning!”

As community leaders, eLearning Industry have extensive experience in the field and a crystal clear perspective on the entire eLearning market. The focus of the list was on expertise, authority, the purpose of integrated tools, dexterity, interactivity, gamification options, and many more subcategories.

Criteria for the list of the top eLearning content providers for blended learning included elearning quality, customer reviews, expertise, niche specialization, industry innovation and company social responsibility.

Stuart Chadwick, Kineo EMEA MD had this to say:

“We’re really pleased to see that Kineo have again been recognised as one of the Top eLearning Content Providers for Blended Learning 2019. With the emergence of new forms for collaboration, delivery and engagement, our team works hard to design for the evolving needs of learners and businesses. We’re very proud of what we do and it’s great to be recognised in this way, thank you.”

eLearning Industry says:

“Maintaining a consistently high level of performance requires unique capabilities. These 20 companies aren’t driven simply by commercial success, but by something much more thorough. Being enabled by their drive to become the best in their field offering professional expertise and high-quality products to ultimately facilitate flawless experiences for their clients. They have a robust and purpose-driven roadmap when it comes to the content they provide. They put exceptional care and expertise into their ongoing progress, and offer superb blended learning experiences“.

About eLearning Industry

eLearning Industry is a network-based media and publishing company founded in 2012. It is the largest online community of eLearning professionals in the industry, and was created first and foremost as a knowledge-sharing platform to help eLearning professionals and instructional designers connect in a safe online community where they can stay up to date with the latest industry news and technologies, and find projects or jobs.

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