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Jan 2016

Kineo US and New Leaders win Brandon Hall Award


Ooh, shiny! We’ve just recently received the Brandon Hall Awards plaque for our latest BH Gold Award: Best Advance in Custom Content for The Leadership Practice Improvement (LPI) with New Leaders. As we add another distinctive award to our collection, we can’t help but feel particularly proud about this one. Why? Because we’re truly helping people make a difference in the work they do as teachers and educators in public schools throughout the US. This is work that matters.


So who is New Leaders and just what is LPI?

New Leaders, a national nonprofit, has a strong history of helping schools improve student learning through face-to-face workshops and on-site intensives at schools. In an effort to reach more educators at more schools, they wanted to move to an online, blended learning program.

Working with Kineo US, New Leaders developed a year-long curriculum that includes self-paced elearning modules, group activities, and assignments that are reviewed and discussed with a school’s New Leaders’ Advisor. All told, Kineo designed, scripted, and developed twenty elearning modules. 

The program is comprised of five main “cycles”, each of which takes an ILT group two months to work through. The entire program is designed to run through a complete school year. Each cycle of content is broken into two online tutorials. The first module in a cycle is self-paced and is meant to be taken individually. The self-paced modules focus on concepts and knowledge, with practice activities designed to consolidate understanding and provide the opportunity for self-reflection.

The second module in a cycle is built around a team-based activity. These modules are meant to be worked through as a group, with the content projected on a screen. Team-based modules focus primarily on following the ILT activities of a fictional school, Mountain View.

Over the duration of the entire curriculum, you see how Mountain View works through the different stages of LPI, the mistakes they make, and the lessons they learn along the way. This case study provides a realistic worked example of LPI in action, giving real teams the opportunity to dissect and learn from the case example. 

Both the self-paced and team-based modules were built using Storyline, which New Leaders selected as their tool of choice for its flexibility and ease of use. Kineo developed over 20 tutorials in total for the LPI program. Each tutorial is short and focused, with most of them around 20 screens in total. Some modules include a simple branching option, allowing participants to choose the appropriate school level: elementary or high-school.


The Best Part!

For the Kineo team, the best part of this project isn’t the shiny statue, but rather the real results New Leaders is having with school districts. Participants report high levels of satisfaction with this unique, blended approach and schools are seeing real results in student achievement. Now that’s something to be proud of!


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