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Learning to scale: designing a platform that adapts to evolving needs


Feb 2018

Learning to scale: designing a platform that adapts to evolving needs


Your method of delivering learning needs to adapt to your L&D strategy, but not all platforms are built to last. With next-gen LMS and ecosystems recently becoming key talking points in the L&D industry, it’s clear that flexibility is a fundamental building block to ensure your platform has a life after launch. But just having a learning platform that adapts isn’t a guarantor for success.

Watch the recording to discover:

  • how to keep your platform and strategy working in unison
  • what key elements to look for in a learning platform

Watch the webinar recording


    Elizabeth Honerkamp

    Elizabeth brings a unique point of view to the Solutions Consultant role with her depth of knowledge of the corporate L&D landscape. She enjoys building off of her years of experience designing and delivering learning solutions and is passionate about understanding her clients’ needs and brainstorming ideas to elevate their learning experiences.

    Steve Lowenthal

    Steve Lowenthal has over 15 years of experience in Learning Technologies in consultancy, sales and management roles. He's a regular speaker at US conferences and events on trends in LMS, elearning and technology.

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