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Life after the launch of your LMS


Aug 2016

Life after the launch of your LMS


You've developed an effective learning strategy, but have you thought about your system strategy? 

For an LMS to carry on being useful, you need to think about life after launch.

When you focus all your energy on launching your LMS and see it as the end goal, you miss out on its potential to keep serving your learning strategy and adapt to demands. In this webinar we'll explore the four key areas of a learning system strategy you need to address to ensure your LMS is a success:

  • how you can evolve your LMS and plan the future of the system
  • how to drive traffic to your system and encourage engagement
  • who will look after the system once it's gone live and what skills they need
  • how the system will be supported.

Watch this webinar recording to get an effective, future-proofed system strategy.

Watch the webinar recording


    Adam Parsons

    Adam oversees commercial relationships with our portfolio of LMS clients, as well as directly managing some of our largest and most complex sites via the Kineo Intensive Support product. He is responsible for ensuring that good relationships are forged with our clients, supporting them through international growth, large scale training rollouts and planning for the future of their system.

    Paul Westlake

    Paul joined Kineo as a Solutions Consultant after spending the past 9 years designing and delivering both elearning and Classroom-based learning solutions for McDonalds' 80,000 strong workforce. Paul was instrumental in facilitating the transition from traditional training to elearning, as well as managing key elearning projects that supported the national launch of a new HR and Training system.

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