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Sep 2015

Market update: interactive learning content

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Shaping the future of learning

As you know, at Kineo we aren’t afraid to share what we think, and with over twenty permanent learning designers across the UK we definitely have opinions on learning content. However, this past month we’ve been a bit quiet on the learning content design front...

Well that quietness is a hum, a vibration, the thrill of getting down and delivering some really innovative learning designs due to hit our customers’ screens in the coming months.

We work in exciting times  

We’re talking best of breed responsive design created in Adapt featuring a new ‘editorial’ web-style approach to learning content; our first example will be product knowledge. Then there’s interactive video; including an induction piece, a virtual interactive tour that showcases what it’s like to work in hospitality from a cross section of people at work. In production there’s also a sophisticated compliance piece for an energy client featuring interactive video and in the financial sector we’ve just been commissioned to develop an interactive video-based game that will take our learning design in this area to a new level.

Game on

Gamification is now really taking off, not necessarily using graphics as people might have expected, but using interactive film - video or animations - which can be scored and tracked, offering a really cost effective way forward when it comes to realistically matching imaginative learning ideas and gamification with our clients’ budgets.

The future of interactive video is now

But really we haven’t even scratched the surface yet with what can be achieved with scored interactive video, embedded hotspots and branching etc. Rest assured the Kineo learning design team will be striving to push the learning possibilities of gamification using scored interactive video and interactive animations and graphics in 2016. We’re also busy defining best practice for responsive design, especially with Adapt 2.0 including our new design approach to content. But why are we only arriving at best practice now?

Best practice

Well perhaps up until now the tech has rightly led the way with responsive design. It’s been a considerable effort to get to the release of Adapt 2.0 with its enhancements. Including full ability and accessibility to accommodate the widest range of different language versions. Now we’ve published various pieces of content in Adapt we think it’s time to take stock! For example from a UX perspective and a creative learning design point of view, we need to start asking ourselves questions like, what is the best way to present content for mobile? What are the right levels of interactivity when designing for all devices? What are best interactions; and so on.

Squaring the circle

While from a technical point of view, content can be smoothly re-jigged so it runs on a smartphone as well as a computer screen, it’s likely to look better on one device than another. Which is hardly surprising given the difference in scale between screens. On bigger screens interactivity might be more welcome than on a smartphone where it can become fiddly.

But by the same token decisions have to be made about how much people are prepared to just read stuff. When does learning content become simply information? Or is information the new learning? Talking of which, what is the profile and what are the likely learning preferences of the ‘typical’ contemporary leaner and how might that impact on what we propose as ‘best practice’?

We’re having to re-think a lot of our assumptions to reflect the new technologies and new ways of learning and working. Rest assured answers to all these questions and more will be forthcoming!

As for the groovy interactive video, the funky interactive video games, the fab new editorial style Adapt, well…wait and see and we will soon share all. In the meantime, be sure to look out for our guide to responsive design coming in October.

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Shaping the future of learning

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