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Aug 2014

My favourite resources for instructional designers

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Cammy Bean

Cammy Bean

Senior Solutions Consultant at Kineo US

The best piece of advice that I can give to any instructional designer, is to be constantly open and curious about not just the subject matter you're working with, but also the learning and development industry as a whole. This innate curiosity can help you stay current and keep the passion alive for what you're doing. 

While I was preparing for  The Accidental Instructional Designer webinar, I had received a handful of questions about my top resources for IDs. So today I'm sharing with you my favourite  books and resources for instructional designers. I've split this list into the four key elements I believe instructional designers need to be savvy in:  

Learning and pedagogy

  • Design for How People Learn, Julie Dirksen
  • eLearning & The Science of Instruction, Ruth Clark and Richard Mayer
  • Michael Allen's Guide to E-Learning, Michael Allen 
  • The Conditions of Learning and Theory of Instruction, Robert Gagne
  • Training Complex Cognitive Skills, Jeroen J.G. van Merriënboer
  • The Fifth Dsicpline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organisation, Peter Senge


  • Design of Everyday Things, Donald Norman
  • In Pursuit of Elegance, Matthew May 
  • Slide:ology, Nancy Duarte
  • Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds
  • The Non-Designers Design Book, Robin Williams
  • The Artists's Way, Julia Cameron
  • Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg
  • Digital Photography School 



  • Flawless Consulting, Peter Bock
  • Implementing eLearning, Lance Dublin and Jay Cross
  • What Every Manager Show Know About Training, Robert Mager
  • Harvard Business Review

Want More?

Share Your Recommendations with Us

Is there a book that has completely inspired you? Or do you have a go-to resource that tops your list? Any reviews on the titles I've mentioned? Leave your comments below, I'd love to hear from you, and what some of your favourite resources are.

Cammy Bean

Cammy Bean

Senior Solutions Consultant at Kineo US

Cammy has been collaborating with organizations to design online learning programs since 1996. An active speaker and blogger, Cammy gets fired up about instructional design, avoiding the trap of clicky-clicky bling-bling, and ways to use technology to create real behavior change.

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