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Jan 2016

Putting the rapid into interactive video

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Steve Lowenthal

Steve Lowenthal

CEO at Kineo US

Video is back and it’s back in a big way. In fact, it’s gone interactive.

When some of us got started in this business, the boring talking-head at screen left video was all the rage. But then the Internet came along and with it bandwidth concerns. And so video took a back seat for a long time.

Interactive video

But it’s 2016 and we’re a YouTube world. With more streaming options and low-cost video capture tools (think GoPro and your smartphone), video is hotter than ever. Today’s market has seen a wave of new video-based products from role-play solutions to video scenarios to embedded hotspots that allow you to easily add an interactive layer on top of video.  Of course, none of these solutions are free. Most require a per-user licensing fee and some run on stand-alone systems that need to be integrated with your LMS.

Well if you know us, then you know we like a challenge.  We couldn’t resist the urge to see what we could do with a next-to-nothing budget, a strong will, and an extremely positive attitude.  We set our camera’s cross-hairs on Storyline 2 to see what we could do to create an interactive branching video scenario.

To give you a look under the hood, one of our developers played the role of cameraman and the main character. He shot the whole thing using his SLR. No expensive camera crews or light kits needed. And we think the home style actually added to the final product. For the rest of the talent, we put an ad on Craig’s List and hired a few budding actors all for $100 or less.

In total, the team logged between four and five days for the entire process: writing the script, shooting and editing the video, and building out the interactivity in Storyline 2.

What do you think? Is your organization ready for interactive video? Download our guide, Lights, camera, interaction for more ideas.

Steve Lowenthal

Steve Lowenthal

CEO at Kineo US

Steve Lowenthal has over 15 years of experience in Learning Technologies in consultancy, sales and management roles. He's a regular speaker at US conferences and events on trends in LMS, elearning and technology.

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