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Oct 2013

PwC and Kineo win Brandon Hall award for blended programme


PwC and Kineo are proud to announce that they have won a prestigious Brandon Hall Silver award for Best Blended Programme 2013. The award is for the Recruitment Interviewing Skills programme, a highly successful learning experience for interviewers in PwC. PwC’s global network of firms employs over 180,000 staff world-wide, with 38,000 new hires expected to join in 2014 alone. Increasing the recruitment of higher apprentices, graduates and experienced staff supports the growth of PwC’s service offerings, meaning the ability to recruit effectively is a business imperative.

PwC set out to develop a new approach to interview skills training which would meet the demands of the business. This new solution needed to be cost effective and scalable, utilise technology and, importantly, retain the high quality and effectiveness of the existing classroom-based approach. Kineo, leaders in elearning solutions, were chosen to collaborate with PwC to develop this innovative solution. 

The approach was to design a blended programme which included:

  • A diagnostic to ensure learners had a learning path appropriate to their experience level
  • Focused elearning modules on theory, practice and compliance
  • A video-driven assessment simulation which emulated a real interview
  • Phone-based coaching and support

The solution has been rolled out in over 17 PwC territories, has yielded significant cost savings and is rated in the top 2% of elearning within PwC UK, maintaining the high quality ratings of the original approach.

Amelia Hughes, Head of Assessment Services at PwC, commented: “We’re delighted with the positive impact that this learning programme has made to developing interviewing skills across PwC and thrilled to have achieved external recognition for the design and success of the solution. The programme has enabled us to increase engagement with non-classroom skill acquisition, development and best practice behaviour to support our recruitment practices. Also, this approach has allowed us to deliver a high quality training solution that is both scalable and time efficient for our people, which in turn has yielded significant commercial benefits.

Stephen Walsh, Kineo’s PwC Account Director added: “We’re so pleased for PwC and our team to have received this prestigious accolade for the Recruitment Interviewing Course. It’s an innovative design that’s delivering real results for PwC. The Brandon Hall awards represent the best in learning globally, and we’re delighted that this programme has been honoured.