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Mar 2008

Survey Monkey review

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Shaping the future of learning

We’ve spoken many times here about web 2.0 and the need to encourage collaboration with users. One of the quickest ways to achieve this is to get your learners to feedback on their experiences and share their ideas through a survey. And if you’re thinking about surveys, you need to think about Survey Monkey.

We review the tool and suggest five ways it can benefit your learning initiatives.

Our survey said: free 

Survey Monkey comes in our favourite flavour: free. The free version allows you up to 100 responses per survey. However, for just $19.95 a month you can upgrade to the professional version. This allows you unlimited surveys and unlimited responses. A very cheap way to provide a survey solution for your whole organisation. 

The surveys are very quick to create and with a choice of 15 different question types you have plenty of control.  You can fully customise your survey with the professional version, adding logos and branding it to match your requirements is a doddle. Once you have created your survey you can make it instantly available through a web link. 

We created this example survey on  Future Trends in Elearning in less than 15 minutes. See what feels like from the learner perspective by taking part: 

We will publish the results of the survey in next month’s newsletter. 

Monkeying around with data 

Once the survey is up and running You can analyse your results online, download them to a spreadsheet and make them available to others via a link. It’s quick and easy to create reports with as much – or as little – information as your sponsors want. 

Survey Monkey is an online tool so the one restriction is that the learners do need to be online to complete the survey – hardly unusual though.

We first came across Survey Monkey three years ago and we have become firm fans. In addition to using the tool to create online surveys you can integrate it with your learning initiatives. It provides a lot of flexibility with open text input, rating scales etc., especially if you do not have a sophisticated LMS. With tools like Articulate you can open a window within a content page which displays the survey, so the survey is completely integrated with the elearning. 

So what’s in it for learning? Six uses for Survey Monkey

We have set out below some potential uses for Survey Monkey to help reach out to our learners. 

Personal learning reflection – at the end of an elearning module you can link to open text questions for example, “what will you do differently as a consequence of this module?” With some of our clients these reflections are collated for each learner and pulled together in a short document for each learner setting out all of the things they said they would do as a consequence of their learning. These can be presented back to learners prior to their appraisals once or twice a year for discussion with their line manager or coach. It can provide a key feedback loop for updates to the e-learning itself, of course. 

Feedback on the elearning – an obvious use is to use the Survey Monkey to get feedback on the elearning for example, an overall rating, things they liked, things they found difficult, whether they would like more in the same format etc. 

Classroom feedback – Survey Monkey can also be used to get feedback on classroom training – or indeed, any and all components in your learning solution - by providing learners with a link to a survey. Whilst not as immediate as the classroom it can be a useful way of gathering feedback in a form which is entered straight into a database. Thus there is no longer any need to re-key happy sheet data into a database for analysis, and the data is easy to share. 

Training needs analysis – you can run surveys in your organisation on training needs, these surveys can be broken down by specific groups of staff. If you incentivise them, you can get a lot of valuable baseline data in this way with just a few simple questions, that can form a basis for a more detailed analysis as a second step. 

Customer surveys – you can send a link to every client for whom you undertake training projects and collate their feedback on their satisfaction with your services – and of course you can pair this up with feedback from their learners on their experiences too.

Survey as assessment - we’ve had some interesting extensions of this recently which included some application of understanding of the elearning content, framing survey questions as assessments to explore how people’s behaviour is likely to change as a result of completing the learning. Think it’d be useful to know that 75% of people now know how to apply a key step in your sales model? Survey monkey can help provide that information. 

You can’t possibly go wrong by asking people their opinion, can you? So, try it out at 

Kineo has accepted no reward in any form for this independent review of Survey Monkey. 



Shaping the future of learning

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