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Aug 2012

Totara 2.2 introduces audience management

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Totara 2.2 was released this summer based on Moodle version 2.2. This version of Totara contains some significant new enhancements including audience management.

For those new to Totara, it is the leading open source learning management platform for corporates and is used by companies such as Sony, Michelin and Tesco.  It is a distribution of Moodle with additional features designed for corporate learning such as learning plans, team management, enhanced reporting and competency management.

The new audience management feature allows site-wide user groups to be dynamically populated via unlimited combinations of rules built on supplied HR data, user completion records, and other collected user metrics. The feature also allows each group to be assigned to a limitless number of courses and programmes. Groups can also be set manually, but the real power of audience management is creating dynamic groups that simplifies the management of large numbers of learners.

In essence a dynamic group is automatically created based on a set of rules. The roles can be very flexible for example they can be based on:

  1. Country, city or other location
  2. Position, such as job roles including direct reports as appropriate
  3. Organisation, such as Organisation, Organisation ID and any custom fields set up in the Organisation Hierarchy such as division or department
  4. Learning, such as the completion or non-completion of a learning course or event
  5. Dates such as First Login date or Last Login Date or date started in organisation

You can also set a logic between these multiple rules, for example:

  • And: The user needs to match every rule in the set.
  • Or:The user needs to match one of the rules in the set.

Thus you can create sophisticated rules which manage your group dynamically and ensure they are enrolled in all relevant learning. Automatic alerts and mails can also be configured to inform learners and their managers.

The audience management feature is especially powerful when used with Totara’s HR Sync (also new in Totara 2.2). With both features enabled, course enrolments will be automatically updated based on a regular HR feed and the range of rules defined.

The next version of Totara will again incorporate the latest Moodle features, plus further new exciting enhancements.

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Shaping the future of learning

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