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Mar 2015

Totara LMS 2.7 – What you need to know

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If you'veve had your ears to the LMS ground, or came and talked to us at LT15, you probably know a new version of Totara LMS has been keenly awaited since the new year befell us. Today sees Totara Learning Solutions announce the release of version 2.7.

We love Totara LMS. There's always new developments and functionality being released to the open source community; and each new version provides a range of exciting new features and changes.As a Totara Platinum Partner, and recent winners of the Top Totara Partner award, we thought it only right to share some of the key features we think you need to know about in version 2.7.

What you need to know about the latest version

New Totara menu customisation

One of the best aspects of Totara has always been its ability to embrace customisation. Version 2.7 doesn't disappoint, adding a new feature allowing administrators to customise the contents of the Totara menu via the user interface. This also makes it possible for plugins to define new menu items.

Improved face-to-face support

Similar to the concept of a waiting list, Totara 2.7 allows users to add themselves to a list of users who are interested in a F2F session. This will prove particularly useful in scenarios where the session dates have not yet been released, or the current sessions are already full. All self-signups and session admin sign-ups will automatically be set to a "waitlist" instead of "booked".

Additional F2F support comes in the form a new enrolment plugin which allows users to sign up for a F2F session and be enrolled in the course via a single step.

Powerful reporting

There are some great new powerful functionality around reporting within Totara 2.7 including:

  • Report Aggregation: This stand-alone feature makes it possible to aggregate report data via the interface, allowing you to transform and control your reporting data
  • Report Graphing: Whilst the aggregation options are useful for converting textual data into numbers or dates, often there is a requirement for a graph and there is now support to add the following graph types to your reports or display them on a dashboard:
    • Column/bar charts
    • Line graphs
    • Horizontal bars
    • Scatter graphs
    • Pie charts
    • Area graphs
  • New Filters: A new filter supports the selection of multiple categories. You can now also filter by "all categories below".

Enhanced appraisals section

Totara have been working hard to enhance and improve the appraisals section of Totara 2.7. Some of the key updates include:

  • Greater efficiency around adding and removing users from appraisals
  • User managers, manager's manager or appraiser can now be easily changed
  • Appraisals are no longer automatically closed when all users are complete. The admin must now close an appraisal when it is no longer required
  • New results/summary page at the end of a completed stage/appraisal

This is only some of the new functionality for 2.7. See the full list of new functionality and features.



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