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Sep 2012

Totara Social - coming soon


Totara Social is an exciting new addition to Totara LMS (a Moodle-based learning management system for corporates). It will be based on Mahara, the widely used open source e-portfolio tool, which is managed by Kineo Pacific and Catalyst IT.

Let’s get social

Totara Social will be a combination of social networking and content creation/management to quickly and easily share information. In short Totara Social will connect people who have information with those who need it.

Why do this?

In our experience, large organisations typically suffer from information being in silos, true whether a geographically spread organisation or at a single site. Totara Social will be highly pluggable, and can “mash-up” internal uploaded content and external content from multiple sources (e.g. LinkedIn, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, Slideshare and more).  In essence, Totara Social offers them a social media platform that will complement Totara LMS.

The project will focus on four key areas:

  1. Enhancement of social collaboration tools – e.g. activity streams, ‘following’ a User, ‘likes’/rating, tagging, searching, matching and filtering to better manage the sharing of content.
  2. Creating a mobile interface (based on Maharadroid) – social learning of course means access anywhere
  3. Interface / integration layer with Totara LMS
  4. User Experience - making sure it’s seamless and easy to use

Want to find out more about Mahara, Totara and social learning? Get in touch...