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Jun 2017

Work experience at Kineo is working!

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Shaping the future of learning

At the start of the year we made a pledge to take on 10 work experience placements. At the half year mark, how have we been doing?

Well, I’m pleased to say we’re well on our way to hitting that, with placements that have either taken place or are planned for the next couple of months. Not only that, but our programme seems to be giving young people the experience they need.

No more cuppas, it’s all about the takeaways  

At Kineo there’s a real passion for supporting young people and giving them opportunities to gain real life experience of working in a professional environment. Back when I was 15 I remember being stumped about what I was going to do for work experience and didn’t have a network of people that could help. For a week, I became good friends with a photocopier, learnt how to make a decent cup of tea and sat in a greasy spoon on my lunch break thinking that working sucks. So, taking on running the work experience programme at Kineo, I was committed to make it a valuable experience, with some real takeaways and making placements available to as many people as possible.

Here’s how it works

Working with the Youth Engagement Team at City & Guilds Group we created role profiles for all the different types of jobs we’d be offering placements in. We try to make the programme feel as real to life as possible by completing an application form and having an informal interview with someone from Kineo that will be their buddy and mentor for their placement.

At the start of their placement we ask them what skills they want to gain from their placement, we also look at what skills they already have that we can build on. Our programme has been designed so that everyone gets a personalised experience of working at Kineo. They are given a skills development pack that runs through all the activities for the week which are designed as projects based on the work we do.

Every story paints a picture

We spend time with the placements to talk about our stories, how we came to work at Kineo and what our career journeys have been. We’ve seen this to be a really positive part of their placement, opening their eyes to things and career paths they may never have thought about…you don’t know what you don’t know. Anything we can do to help broaden their horizons we hope will have a really positive impact.

Don’t take my word for it…

Here are just some of the comments we’ve received:

 “Everything about Kineo has brought out the side of me that was missing, I wanted to know everything about elearning”

“I was inspired to keep learning about technology, as it is the future for all work environments”

“I’ve learnt that I really do have such a hunger to know things and I care so much about the creative world in all aspects”

“I want to create an online portfolio and take on-board all the other fantastic advice I’ve received. Overall I plan to be the best me”

“I learned how important it is to have a job that you like and gained knowledge about my future career path”

“I would like to thank everyone at Kineo for the support and inspirational advice”

“On the third day I started coding, I started to create an elearning page using Adapt which I was really chuffed with because I thought I could never manage to do it, but I did!”

It’s a wrap

At the end of the week we run a final reflections session on what they’ve learned and help them create a CV. We ask them what they‘ve learned about themselves from their work experience. And this answer sums up why we invest the time to do it: “I learned that I could do things I never thought I could.”

Room for one more?

How about one final quote from Roman leader Julius Caesar? “Experience is the teacher of all things.” Here he reflects an important truth about how we really learn - and that’s by doing. By offering these opportunities we can help young people to apply any academic learning they have in a real world setting, improve their employability skills, gain insight into our field and develop them personally.

That’s something we think is really worth pursuing.

Read more about work experience at the City & Guilds Group

Want to find out more about this and the other initiatives we run at Kineo? Listen to our latest recording below.





Shaping the future of learning

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