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Learning Management System (LMS)

setting you up for long-term success

Launch your LMS with help from Kineo

Do you want a better Learning Management System (LMS) experience for your learners? Kineo is a Totara Platinum Partner with a longstanding history of providing award-winning LMS platform implementations. In fact, we’re uniquely positioned to set you up for success as a co-founder of the Totara software. We deliver a learning solution with robust personalisation features that engage and progress development within your organisation.

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Tailored user experience

Kineo is proud to be a longtime Totara Platinum Partner and our LMS implementations are always done with your business goals in mind. As a leading learning management system Totara Learn gives you complete control over your learning visibility and reporting, as well as the look and feel of your platform.

Kineo will help you with these personalisation features to customise your menus and dashboards. We’ll even set up key integrations within your platform, including HR management systems, social learning programmes, custom content, and more.

Highly personalised


Automate your compliance training and learner journeys

Totara Learn makes it easy to input and manage a recurring certification schedule that ensures compliance across your organisation. You’ll have the ability to track compliance across teams and even implement automated, renewable training.

With Totara Learn, everything is backed up with robust reporting and audit trails so you can take the effort out of managing these ongoing compliance requirements without sacrificing peace of mind. Employees will also appreciate the built-in ability to manage and schedule performance appraisals with 360 feedback.

Automate your compliance training

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Easy, at a glance reporting

Our drill down manager reporting is an invaluable feature that is exclusive to Kineo as a Totara provider. We can provide your organisation with a complete picture of usage, progress, and learning achievement across the business.

These reports are easy to export and can even be assigned to individuals for automatic delivery on a recurring schedule. This means managers across your business will have visibility into their area’s learning trends as they happen in real time. Reports can be personalised to focus on key learning areas that are unique to your organisation or department. You can also easily export this data to share across departments.

Easy reporting


Open Source and flexible

Experience an LMS designed for customisation and flexibility. Totara Learn is responsive to enable self-paced digital learning on all devices. Plus, your visual branding can be personalised to your organisation and even to specific sub-groups within your business. Modify menu layout, look and feel, and functionality by audience to ensure the best user interface.

Managers will have the ability to create and launch targeted online courses quickly with a host of learning activities. Any associated resources are also easy to upload, store, and access right within the platform.

Open Source and Flexible

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How we do it

We set your organisation up for success

The success of any online learning platform relies on understanding how to make full use of its capabilities. We have years of experience of setting up LMS solutions for some of the world’s leading brands.

Our tried and tested process helps our clients get under the skin of what they want to achieve, supports them in understanding how to use the technology to realise their aims and identify possible obstacles so that they avoid pitfalls down the line.

We always lead with learning

Kineo puts learning at the heart of everything we do. We understand that great learning technology coupled with excellent learning design is the key to delivering measurable impact within organisations. We’re always at hand to provide expert advice to our customers around which learning interventions will best help them achieve their aims – be that custom or off-the-shelf learning content. All of this in an intuitive, easy to navigate platform.

We help you make it personal

The Totara platform comes with a wealth of features that allow you to personalise and segment your learner journeys. You can group your learners into audiences, each with the right set of content and dashboards that allow you to track and analyse the effectiveness of each individual’s learning journey. Coupled with interfaces that look and feel like your brand, it enables you to get the best out of your online training.

We anticipate your needs

One of the main barriers in investing in learning technology is the fear that the solution will quickly become out-of-date. Kineo take that worry away for our customers. We continuously develop new features and functionality based on client and industry insights which informs our development roadmap. And there’s no need to worry about upgrading to the most recent version of the Totara platform - we automatically do that for you as part of our service offering.


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Totara Learn features

Learning activities

Host all learning experiences from social learning and online assessments to blended learning with face-to-face training

Learner management

Track mandatory and recurring training and develop competency driven learning plans

Content management

Store all videos and key resources in one place with your programmes and certifications. All SCORM and AICC compliant


Customise your LMS through branding, learning visibility, tailored menus, and more

Performance management

Assess team performance and create dynamic appraisals with goals and 360 feedback

User import

Sync with your HR management system for automatic updates and create organisation and position hierarchies


Compliant with website consent policies and provides functionality to export and purge data


Build and export peronalised dashboards and graphs to track learner activity

Help and support

Access online help and webinars as needed along with web-based community support forums

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