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Engaging your learners

Learner experience

How do you make sure your L&D has people's attention - and that they come back for more?

More than ever, your learning and development solutions are competing for learners' attention in a noisy world. Why check the learning platform or complete that training when you could Google the answer or spend some more time chatting on Facebook?

So - the L&D you deliver has to be interesting, relevant and easy to fit into a busy working life already full of digital content. We've made some award-winning engaging training over the years - let's see what we can make for you.

Screenshot of Rolls Royce LMS in iPad
Rolls Royce logo

To up-skill sales teams, Rolls-Royce used interactive video to create immersive learning with a gamified element.

See the work

Our approach

We're learning people first

That means that we approach each project armed with knowledge about what really works when it comes to learning experiences. What leads to genuine knowledge transfer? How do we make sure the key messages are memorable and easy to digest?

So we're already off to a head start when it comes to creating engaging learning. Add our classy graphics, great UX and use of different content types - and you'll keep learners coming back for more.

We've got plenty of techniques up our sleeves. Game-based learning with a score to beat, interactive video that puts you in the action, cute animated characters, social learning elements ...what will work best for your business?

Illustration of shapes on a dark green background with a hand moving them around

Ideas for engaging content

Learning content that's relevant to the real world

Interactive video

Can't decide between a video or a game for learning? Why choose? Make it immersive and challenging with interactive video, without breaking the bank. Make the video any style you choose - slick and professional, selfie style, animated ... whatever works.


Your people are probably busy with their day jobs. Create bite-sized nuggets of learning that fit into their lifestyle. And create a programme based on spaced learning and repetition for ongoing engagement. Just enough learning at just the right time.


Sometimes you don't actually need to learn - you just need to find something out. Create a searchable bank of resources for your learners to call upon - in just the way they Google for answers in everyday life. Make them engaging in a range of media from audio to interactive PDFs.

A platform to match

Make your learning platform a destination

Your content is looking great - how do you make sure your learners keep on coming back to the platform to find it? Make it a real destination by making sure it's searchable, full of good stuff and easy to use. Give it a name, even give it a whole personality.

OK, it'll probably never outrank Facebook. But what if your people actively wanted to spend time checking out the learning platform every day? With a combination of Totara Learn and Totara Social we can help.

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