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New to learning and development? Start your journey here

New to L&D?

A workplace learning and development strategy defines how a business develops its people, start to finish

Learning and development can - with the right mind-set, approach and buy-in - be integral to business success. As an L&D professional you have the potential to shape skills, capability and culture development for your workforce. If you're new to L&D it can be a bit bewildering - particularly making sense of the learning technology on offer to help deliver your strategy.

That's where we come in. Our straightforward approach means we will start with the right questions - finding out about the results you need to achieve - rather than blinding you with science. We'll be your guide.

Where to begin

Start your journey to L&D success

The role of workplace learning and development is changing. And with that, a new agile L&D has begun to take shape - one that can respond quickly and easily to new demands, and one that wears many hats. Far from just order-taking, the modern L&D professional now acts as a learning consultant, content curator, digital producer ... you name it.

Wherever you are now, we can help you develop new skills and be ready for whatever the business demands. If you're just getting started we can act as an extension to your team, boosting capability until you're up and running. Working on a new L&D roadmap for your organisation? Our learning consultants will get under the skin of your challenges to help find the best solutions.

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What is digital learning?

A world of learning content available at your fingertips

Digital learning - or elearning - is simply any kind of learning or development content delivered in a digital way. Whether it's elearning courses, digital performance support resources or a blend of both - ready to go or made specifically for you - we've got it covered.

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Bespoke digital learning

Whatever your learning need may be, we'll partner with you to design a bespoke digital or blended solution that delivers results. As pioneers in rapid elearning, responsive elearning, and immersive interactive video content, we can help you with all projects - from the simple to the most ambitious. We've got the experience to understand what your learners need in each situation - whether it's a stand-alone resource or an elearning course.

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Off the shelf elearning

Learners demand great content - and not next week, they want it now. We offer a range of focused, effective off the shelf elearning courses. Our growing course library covers the common areas of need in compliance, data protection and management topics. The modules are ready to use in your own learning platform, or we can host them for you.

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Benefits of digital learning

Discover the advantages of digital delivery

What are the real benefits of digital learning? It's not just about saving costs or training time.With the digital and smartphone revolution we've all seen changes in the ways we access, consume and share content. Why wouldn't we use the same kind of technology to deliver L&D?

  • It's what people want

    Given a choice, learners want relevant, personalised and self-paced content at the point of need. Some may choose to learn in the evenings, at the weekend or on the way to or from work. Make sure learning content works on the right devices, accessible at the right time.

  • It's faster to deliver

    A key advantage of elearning is how quick it is to create and deliver over traditional classroom-based instruction - and keep up to date. When it comes to delivery, elearning doesn't take as long to start and wrap up as a session, no travel time is needed to get to and from training events, and lastly, learners can set their own pace and skip what they already know.

  • It's a numbers thing

    Because of the speed and ease of delivering elearning, costs are drastically reduced - in fact we are talking up to 60% reduction in training time alone. We're also talking savings in terms of trainers, course materials, travel and accommodation. And you can get content out when it's needed, not after the fact.

  • It's effective

    Our clients have seen first hand that learners like elearning if it's done well. Good digital learning content can help people retain information for longer and apply knowledge on the job. And it's easy to measure - use xAPI to connect all of your learning experiences together so you can mine the data.

  • It's better for the environment

    Digital learning is an effective way to significantly reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint by 90% and 85%, respectively. It cuts down on travel, eliminates the need for paper, and reduces the resources needed to maintain a facility, accommodation and equipment.

  • It's sustainable for growth

    As a business grows or more learning needs are identified, elearning can scale right alongside your L&D and business strategy. You won't be limited by capacity or location, and best of all, you'll ensure all your learners get a consistent learning experience that's always to the highest quality.

learning platforms

Understanding learning platforms

A learning management system can be as simple as a site to house your learning content. But it could be so much more. Think a destination site where your learners can search content, create their own development pathways, interact with each other and get credentials for what they've learnt.

As a Totara platinum partner we know how to flex Totara Learn - the most flexible open-source learning platform on the market. Let our experts guide you through getting your first LMS up and running.

More about learning platforms

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